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Irrespective in a sentence

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Sentence count:137Posted:2016-12-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: disregardingdisregardlessno matterregardlessSimilar words: irrespective ofrespectivelyperspectiveretrospectiverespectrespectablewith respect toinspectionMeaning: [‚ɪrɪ'spektɪv]  adv. in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks. 
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1. Look at every one equally, irrespective of rich or poor, noble or of low caste.
2. Everyone is treated equally, irrespective of race.
3. The course is open to anyone, irrespective of age.
4. The word "man" can refer to all humans, irrespective of sex.
5. The legislation must be applied irrespective of someone's ethnic origins.
6. He is going to buy it irrespective of what you say.
7. The laws apply to everyone irrespective of race, creed or colour.
8. The weekly rent is the same irrespective of whether there are three or four occupants.
9. Irrespective of charges, there is a discernible trend toward higher parental contributions to state education.
10. Schools need to ensure that all pupils, irrespective of their backgrounds, have an equal opportunity to achieve the attainment targets.
11. Justice to all, irrespective of race, sect or class is the inalienable right and the inescapable obligation of all.
12. Irrespective of their original function, these historical documents now provide us with many fascinating insights into the way we were.
13. Irrespective of his merits, the weakness in Scrope's position made success in his office unlikely.
14. The average person, irrespective of weight, has too much refined sugar in their food.
15. Irrespective of the mechanism initiating basin formation the amount of subsidence will be amplified by the weight of sediments which accumulate.
16. The aim of everyone, irrespective of weight, should be to modify their eating very slightly to maximize health benefits.
17. Section 24 applies to all partnerships irrespective of the provisions of a given partnership deed.
18. Every adult pays the same amount of tax, irrespective of income.
19. Be alike flower. Spread beauty and happiness wherever you stay; irrespective of your surroundings.
20. But it was also claimed that in the late 1970s certain telephones were tapped irrespective of any industrial dispute.
21. There are, nevertheless, features of the Maastricht text which raise questions of general legal interest, irrespective of its fate.
22. For practical purposes T m is taken to be the melting temperature of the undiluted polymer irrespective of the crystalline content.
23. The assumption is that senior civil servants are non-partisan and serve ministers loyally irrespective of politics.
24. There is a universal respect and even admiration for those who are humble and simple by nature, and who have absolute confidence in all human beings irrespective of their social status. Nelson Mandela 
25. The primary outcome was the occurrence of severe clinical events, defined as death or hospital admission irrespective of the cause.
26. One problem is that key settlements have been seen as panacea for all rural problems, irrespective of social and regional context.
27. The government argued that this was correct since many projects would have gone ahead irrespective of automatic grant.
28. All children should have access to the latest technology, irrespective of where they live or how much their parents earn.
29. These authors have shown that colonic platelet activating factor content was significantly increased irrespective of colonic inflammation.
30. That has always been one of the most heartening aspects of county cricket: mutual help, irrespective of the teams they represent.
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