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Deplete in a sentence

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Synonym: consumeeateat upexhaustrun throughuse upwipe outSimilar words: repletedeploydeplorecompletecompletelyreplyreplicareplaceMeaning: [dɪ'pliːt]  v. use up (resources or materials). 
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1. If we continue to deplete the Earth's natural resources, we will cause serious damage to the environment.
2. Surely it is an economic nonsense to deplete the world of natural resources.
3. I have had to deplete my bank account of most of my money to pay for the house furnishings.
4. If a cloud forms then it will deplete the atmosphere above it of the substances of which the cloud particles are made.
5. As these problems multiply and deplete resources, the range of options available to the organization increasingly narrows.
6. They help deplete the ozone layer, allowing ultraviolet rays to cause deadly skin cancers.
7. Algae can block light and deplete oxygen from the water.
8. Impoverish the soil overuse . See Synonyms at deplete.
9. Replacing heating element without having to deplete the container.
10. He seems never deplete of them!
11. Elastic collisions deplete very little of the electron's energy.
12. These deplete and destroy motivation.
13. To deplete or weaken gradually; devitalize.
14. Cysteamine can deplete tissue somatostatin (SRIF) and induce duodenal ulcers in rats.
15. She had no wish to deplete still further whatever funds he had remaining.
16. But academic leaders assume headship and deplete energy. "Academic authority" makes young researchers stuffy. It causes researchers fault.
17. But the president is unlikely to deplete his political capital completely.
18. Mankind must take care not to deplete the earth of its natural resources.
19. The contraceptive pill is the worst offender, but it is not the only drug to deplete the body's vitamin levels.
20. Apparently it has been recognised for over a decade that chlorine from chlorofluorocarbons may deplete the stratospheric ozone layer.
21. For a start the Protocol does not cover all the chemicals that deplete the ozone layer.
22. Striker Stocks have been abolished in KOF 2001 . Instead , strikers now deplete power stock.
23. Liv-ing with fear day after day, month after month, can deplete the mech-a-nisms that pump these killer cells into your blood-stream.
24. Environmentalists argue that large - scale sand - dredging can deplete fish stocks and cause erosion, risking landslides and flooding.
25. A nutritional deficiency of co-enzyme Q10 can affect muscle status, circulation, cardiovascular health, blood pressure and severely deplete the immune system.
26. A severe fright or a particularly intense ejaculatory orgasm in a man, will deplete the Kidney's essence almost instantaneously.
27. With a small number of requests, the attacker can deplete the application's thread pool.sentencedict .com
28. A woman's essence is manifest in her menstrual blood and giving birth. Excessive menstrual flow, difficult pregnancies, and too many pregnancies will deplete a woman's essence.
29. Given the risk in Citi's loan book, that ratio needs to rise even though taking it higher could eat a massive hole in fourth-quarter earnings, and thus deplete its capital.
30. Thiazide diuretics successfully reduce blood pressure for many patients, but they are also known to deplete potassium, said Oates, a professor of Medicine and hypertension specialist.
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