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Detente in a sentence

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Similar words: intentcontentsentenceintentioncontentiousintermittenta bone of contentiondetectMeaning: n. the easing of tensions or strained relations (especially between nations). 
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1. Many people say that detente is now a dead letter.
2. The talks are aimed at furthering detente between the two countries.
3. We can't possibly believe the myth of " detente " now.
4. The detente coincided with the magnificent spring offensive possiblY the military high point of the national liberation struggle.
5. This general detente has not, however, dispelled decades of mutual suspicion.
6. They have made the first move towards a detente.
7. They talk about detente, but in actuality they are engaged in intense rivalry.
8. Detente does not necessarily mean an end to ideological propaganda against the different social systems.
9. The outlook for detente is poor over the short time.
10. After six decades of gunboat diplomacy, any detente is to be welcomed.
11. He warned against a fake detente that would sap resistance to expansionism.
12. All this proves there is no detente, let alone lasting peace in this world.
13. An effective world disarmament treaty should bring a detente in international tensions.
14. The course of detente has not been smooth or even.
15. Detente does not necessarily mean an end to ideological propaganda against the different social system.
16. Detente for Brezhnev and Nixon,[] the same is profitable and necessary.
17. They have lauded " detente " " peace " and'security " to the skies.
18. Will it survive their inevitable passing from the scene, or must it fade like the 30s detente between Ataturk and Venizelos?
19. But however great their desire, the path to arms control and detente was strewn with unanticipated obstacles.
20. Humanity has yet to evolve to a level of civility where arms are not required to achieve detente.
21. Indeed, it is on Iran's borders that efforts at detente may start.
22. He negotiated an end, though not a happy one, to the Vietnam war, and began the process of detente with the Soviet Union, even at the price of a kiss on the lips from Leonid Brezhnev.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. Sakwa: 9.1 - 9.4 ( 1965 Reforms, Stagnation , Detente , Developed Socialism ).
24. We could not permit our European associates to claim a monopoly on detente.
25. Is this not another proof that the so - called detente is just empty talk?
26. INSTEAD of slipping into war, could America and Iran negotiate a detente in the Middle East?
27. They're trying in every way to create the false impressions of detente.
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