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Exogenous in a sentence

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Similar words: indigenousravenouslarcenousgangrenoushomogeneousenoughnoumenondenounceMeaning: adj. derived or originating externally. 
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1 Another important difference between exogenous and indigenous firms concerns their linkages with the local economy.
2 Experiments with exogenous compounds showed a good correlation between amounts added and amounts measured.
3 Persistent aggression requires an explanation in terms of exogenous, supernatural forces.
4 This is where the monetarist assumption of an exogenous money supply plays such a vital role.
5 Disorders of old age are generally not exogenous.
6 Exogenous variables can include lagged values of endogenous variables.
7 Under conditions of water culture and adding exogenous p hydroxybenzoic acid, the aqueous extract of soybean roots inhibited the growth of soybean seedlings.
8 Expression of the exogenous genes was confirmed by assay of ? ? - galactosidase and glucokinase activity.
9 Furthermore, exogenous spermidine decreased lipid peroxide, which measured as the content of MDA.
10 Conclusion The immediate exogenous phosphocreatinase given to the patients with effort angina can abate myocardial damage after PCI.
11 An exogenous variable is a variable that is not explained by the model but rather is taken as given.
12 Exogenous intravenous Thyrotropin-releasing hormone(TRH)can be used to confront patients with ABI ADH secretion caused by the increase in the dilution of hyponatremia.
13 Granule materials in oocytes were both endogenous and exogenous and the exogenic nutrients were mainly derived from digestive gland.
14 The above results indicate that exogenous Putrescine could improve osmotic adjustment ability of winter wheat seedling leaves under drought stress and increase drought tolerance of plant.
15 Exogenous expansion will be the future of the company's main store business Aspect.
16 The exogenous auxin and cytokinin are necessary to induced differentiation and proliferation of cells of culture in vitro. 2,4-D is an important hormone of induced embryogenic calluses.
17 Romer and Rosenthal assume that the reversion level is exogenous.
18 This hazard function approach measured the impact of key exogenous variables, such as unemployment benefits, on unemployment duration.
19 Consequently, these mutant cells rely exclusively on glycolysis for their energy requirements and require exogenous pyruvate and pyrimidines for growth.
20 It is equally important to note that the change in attitude and technological progress should not imply the rejection of exogenous technology.
21 An interesting consequence of this process is that the mice are then resistant to infection with exogenous mammary tumour viruses.
22 In practice there are strong grounds for believing that the money stock is not entirely exogenous.
23 Usually, the decisive factor arises to the economic growth in the endogenous variable, but, under the terms of certain,( the leading economic growth in exogenous variable.
24 The finite time control problem for a class of linear discrete-time system with time-varying norm-bounded exogenous disturbance is discussed.
25 Interest policy is one of the monetary policies and is a exogenous variable to China's economy.
26 Immunologic tolerance refers to the phenomenon that after transplantation the graft can survive without exogenous immunosuppression.
27 Objective To found efficient procedure of inducing estrus in the bitch using exogenous gonadotropic hormones.
28 In the traditional signal control, flux of traffic flow is regarded as exogenous, which are not influenced by signal setting, and are un-controllable variable.
29 Moreover, erythroid colonies could be grown from blood samples without the need for exogenous erythropoietin.
30 There are two main types of lipid pneumonia: endogenous and exogenous.
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