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Dexterous in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2016-11-07Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: awkwardclumsyunskillfulSimilar words: boisterouspreposterousexternalonerousgenerousnumerousobstreperousextendMeaning: ['dekstərəs]  adj. skillful in physical movements; especially of the hands. 
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1. As people grow older they generally become less dexterous.
2. She's very dexterous with the knitting needles.
3. To be dexterous in danger is a virtue; but to court danger to show it, is weakness. William Penn 
4. The manager was dexterous at handling his staff.
5. A good pianist must be dexterous.
6. Encloser:made of high-classed steel[Sentencedict], more firmly and dexterous.
7. The manager was dexterous in handling his staff.
8. Mr. Lin is a dexterous surgeon.
9. Both versions are dexterous, but neither is powerful.
10. This is the work of a dexterous bomb maker.
11. She is a dexterous typist.
12. This little girl is dexterous.
13. He carried the others off their feet, glib, dexterous, voluble.
14. The game was won by a dexterous turn of the wrist.
15. The author's laconic prose manages to be both dexterous and sinister.
16. Never had the crew seen so jolly and dexterous a fellow.
17. The manager was dexterous in [ at ] handling his staff.
18. He may be dexterous at football[], but he is very clumsy on the dance floor.
19. Apes have dexterous ( skillful, adroitness ) hands much like ours but unlike those of any other creature.
20. A cat, for instance, is much more dexterous with its paws than a dog. This dexterity fascinates cat lovers, who also cite the cat's legendary standoffishness as proof of its mental superiority.
21. The more mellifluous the singer, the more dexterous the harpist, the more mates he attracts.
22. The 18 tracks of the new record are so dizzyingly dexterous, the live show should be nothing short of amazing.
23. Driving mode of finger's mechanism is one of difficulties of mechanical dexterous hand. The current mode of rope pulley has some disadvantages such as insufficient stiffness of dynamic transfer.
24. Then the writer applies a programmable chip named EPROM instead of MC33035 and endues affluent and dexterous functions on the control system. It is excellent for high-power dynamoelectric cars.
25. I was secretly afraid of him when I saw him so dexterous.
26. I could help you to a schoolmistress that shall make you as dexterous as herself.
27. Manual oil drum van design novel, the structure tight, dexterous is flexible, is suitable department barrel handling and so on the fuel depot.
28. This method includes the establishment of GCP image bank of rectified area, the design of dexterous interactive operation mechanism and the point matching operation.
29. It was impossible to be so nimble, so ready, so dexterous at these things in a dress so contrary to nature.
30. There's a spare ammonia tank assembly, a spare flex hose rotary coupler, several remote power control modules and even a spare arm for the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator.
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