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Gorilla in a sentence

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Synonym: Gorilla gorillaSimilar words: drillcategorizethrillshrillthrilledbrilliantpillagevillainMeaning: [gə'rɪlə]  n. largest anthropoid ape; terrestrial and vegetarian; of forests of central west Africa. 
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1. The gorilla had a massive forehead.
2. The gorilla rattled the bars of its cage.
3. The dominant male gorilla is the largest in the group.
4. The mountain gorilla is on the verge of extinction.
5. I was awed by the huge gorilla.
6. We dressed him up as a gorilla.
7. Alone of the great apes,(Sentence dictionary) the gorilla is not very efficient at using tools.
8. Demitros is the zoo's head gorilla keeper.
9. Like ya bin dressed by a gorilla inna dark.
10. First, there was the Gorilla, flying through the air on a rope suspended from the ceiling before the game started.
11. Pause here for gorilla joke: A man is walking down Oxford Street with a gorilla on each arm.
12. A hang glider, piloted by a gorilla playing a saxophone, made several sweeps round the Houses of Parliament.
13. It extensively overlaps the gorilla in its forest range but generally shows adaptations to lighter drier woodlands.
14. But try to fight the biggest gorilla in the jungle.
15. Koko the gorilla will be in quarantine until next week.
16. Least developed in the gorilla but greater in chimpanzees and australopithecines, with formation of incisive canal.
17. Jahanbini did not look like the sort of gorilla who often protects important men.
18. My encounter with the gorilla in the pit angered me not just because of the badmouthing but because of his rotten timing.
19. A male gorilla or sage grouse does not refuse to mate with a female because of her appearance.
20. Amazingly David Attenborough, the old gorilla whisperer himself, was once a lad like this.
21. The incorporation of the gorilla male into a more-or-less permanent party is probably associated with certain benefits in relation to the terrestrial feeding niche.
22. In this respect the gorilla resembles man more than the chimpanzee.
23. I was awed but not frightened by the huge gorilla.
24. For zoos, evolution is a problem harder to solve than is the diet of the gorilla.
25. As semi-podunk semi-newspapers go, Wick Communications is something of a 900-pound gorilla.
26. After the statement, her lips pulled back over her teeth like a gorilla trying to smile.
27. Such a cost nonetheless needs setting against the advantages in any ecological study of gorilla social behaviour.
28. We have already seen in vitro fertilization of both a panda and a gorilla.
29. Friends in the United States would be rewarded with the first stool of a new-born gorilla, carefully gift-wrapped.
30. Starkly primeval, it resembles the head of a giant gorilla!
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