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Fallacy in a sentence

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Synonym: false beliefSimilar words: fall awayfall asleeplegacyprivacyfallaccuracyefficacydemocracyMeaning: ['fæləsɪ]  n. a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning. 
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(1) It's a fallacy to suppose that wealth brings happiness.
(2) He detected the fallacy of her argument.
(3) The fallacy has been exposed in its naked absurdity.
(4) It is a fallacy to say that the camera never lies.
(5) It's an often repeated fallacy that homosexual men have more promiscuous lifestyles than heterosexuals.
(6) It's a common fallacy that a neutered dog will become fat and lazy.
(7) This is a common fallacy which has no basis in fact.
(8) It's a fallacy that the affluent give relatively more to charity than the less prosperous.
(9) Don't believe the fallacy that money brings happiness.
(10) It was all just like a pathetic fallacy.
(11) It is therefore either a tautology or a fallacy to state that lack of entrepreneurial talent is the reason for poor growth.
(12) Wild at heart Another much-fostered fallacy is that farm animals are now quite different from their wild and free ancestors.
(13) The basic fallacy in all variations of these theories is their crude mechanistic economic determinism.
(14) The other fallacy is that when people reach 65 they stop becoming contributors to the economy.
(15) It's a fallacy that all fat people are fat simply because they eat too much.
(16) It is a fallacy to think that the more information an organisation has the better will be the decisions.
(17) It also exposes the fallacy of thinking that every possible world might come into existence sooner or later.
(18) This fallacy says that everything that can happen, will happen(, given enough time.
(19) This fallacy has snared philosophers from Plato to Leibniz and beyond, and it still snares many major physicists.
(20) It contains an inherent fallacy: you are expecting the silent majority to speak.
(21) They are delighted that they have exploded such a fallacy.
(22) He argues that the project of defamiliarisation in photography rested upon acceptance of the fallacy of the transparency of the photograph.
(23) However, the assumption that productivity must be directly related to biomass or chlorophyll is a fallacy.
(24) It was essentially a new attempt to revive the Burkeian fallacy of empire through freedom, obedience through liberty.
(25) This use of data at two levels of analysis seeks to minimize the problem of ecological fallacy.
(26) Moore says that those who try to identify good with some complex property are committing what he calls the naturalistic fallacy.
(27) The fundamental reason for this is a fact of ego-psychology which the individualistic fallacy and the therapeutic tunnel-vision of modern psychotherapy obscures.
(28) However, it is important immediately to dispose of one popular fallacy.
(29) The error is in taking the polynomial to be a structural representation of the system, but the basic underlying fallacy remains.
(30) The idea that a good night's sleep will cure everything is a complete fallacy.
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