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Glib in a sentence

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Synonym: glib-tonguedpatslicksmooth-tonguedSimilar words: glitchEnglishglimpseglintingglisteningad liblibralibelMeaning: [glɪb]  adj. 1. marked by lack of intellectual depth 2. having only superficial plausibility 3. artfully persuasive in speech. 
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1) He's a glib, self-centred man.
2) Mr. Lewis takes an insufferably glib attitude toward it all.
3) The spokesman's answer was just too glib.
4) No one was convinced by his glib answers/explanations.
5) You are certainly blessed with a glib tongue.
6) We're being rather glib here.
7) All of those glib egotistical talk show hosts annoy me.
8) Some of them, sadly, are glib,( glossy reports which do the client companies few favours.
9) When women do confront sexism, the glib reply is often that it is a joke.
10) Steve is annoyed and Amy furious at my glib suggestion that their late beloved Kiwi inhabits the body of a stranger cat.
11) There is nothing glib or rhetorical about Freeman's way of expressing her beliefs.
12) He was glib in tongue, lavish in promises, big in size and somewhat stupid.
13) I know this will sound glib, but don't pretend you aren't feeling what you feel.
14) It's all very glib, with its attempt at representing tough street realities doused with treacly sentimentality.
15) She's always ready with a glib excuse.
16) The fellow has a very glib tongue.
17) His glib talk sound as sweet as a song!
18) His glib talk sounds as sweet as a song.
19) I never knew he had such a glib tongue.
20) He has a glib tongue.
21) It is, as the morbidly glib never tire of reminding us, as natural as life.
22) He carried the others off their feet, glib, dexterous, voluble.
23) Up until then, it had all been glib and throwaway.
24) Griffiths is glib and has a lot of superficial information on a number of subjects.
25) Was I too glib about eternal things? ( Theodore Roethke ).
26) CHASE: Nietzsche wouldn't have been so glib if he'd been prescribed melarsoprol.
27) Most have spent all their sentient life as paid-up devotees, and the glib phrases soon roll off the tongue.
28) This is a false and counterproductive approach; it is to true open-mindedness what glib moral relativism is to genuine tolerance.
29) He had taken it for granted that his verbose and glib explanation of the facts would convince the jury of his innocence.
30) During heartbreak , love is a doggerel, caustic and mocking, eloquent and glib.
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