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Positioning in a sentence

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Sentence count:219Posted:2017-01-31Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: positionsuppositioncompositionoppositionpropositionpredispositionpositivepositivelyMeaning: [pə'zɪʃn]  n. the act of putting something in a certain place. adj. causing to fall into line or into position. 
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1) Follow recipe instructions in positioning the rack.
2) While positioning itself to be the provider of new media, the company is collecting extensive information about this emerging market.
3) The positioning of the stones will determine the type of fall.
4) The navigation system employs Global Positioning System satellites and regional map software to help guide drivers to unfamiliar addresses.
5) In applications requiring frequent accurate positioning this poorly-damped response can be a great disadvantage.
6) Accurate load positioning: static torque characteristics 3.1 Introduction Most stepping motor applications involve accurate positioning of a mechanical load.
7) Care should be taken when positioning in order to avoid exposure to hazards and to miss chemical run-off or splashing.
8) Global positioning began in the 1970s as a military technology to help troops, ships and aircraft locate their positions.
9) Jobs is positioning NeXTStep as a means to ride what he believes will be the next wave in IT - custom applications.
10) He liked melting into crowds, positioning himself in doorways, anticipating her route as she walked across campus.
11) Most recently, global positioning system units have given hikers their precise location by satellite.
12) Technologysavvy farmers have begun using satellite positioning systems for precision planting and fertilizing.
13) After positioning the wad in my cheek I sat around waiting for the hit, feeling smug with my new-found anthropological skills.
14) He turned the chair around, positioning himself with his back to the window, and opened the book.
15) The chair must be cramped up, if not glued up, for accurate positioning.
16) Some Local Councils are now beginning to recycle waste or positioning containers for recyclable materials in supermarket car parks and elsewhere.
17) That is to say, there is a way of positioning the grating relative to the receptive field centre that results in no response.
18) The business lunch is certainly not easy unless carefully planned first and lighting and positioning chosen.
19) The 1990s will see further refinements to these measurements as the Global Positioning System becomes fully operational.
20) In the final analysis, negativity or positivity within any given cultural form only exists within the positioning of the piece.
21) If visitors ask him how he concocted the maze, he tells them straight-faced that he relied upon GPSthe Global Positioning System.
22) And there was a little argument between two security men about some detail of crowd positioning that seemed to sum up everything.
23) This, coupled with internal conflicts at Motorola over the 680x0 program, led to a weak positioning of both product lines.
24) Select a product as an example and show how positioning can be used in the marketing of that product.
25) In this there is a much more ambiguous and open positioning of the subject.
26) The reason that conventional trackballs and joysticks aren't used is because the precise positioning that they provide simply isn't needed.
27) Endeavour also will carry a Satellite Test Unit to try out a new laser-based attitude system for positioning spacecraft.
28) One particular difficulty experienced by the trade with the single-piece gown related to the positioning of the limbs.
29) A nice goof is to hide it altogether by positioning your pointer on its top edge and dragging down.
30) Check for level with a spirit level 2 Slip a sheet of corrugated cardboard behind the fireback before final positioning.
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