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Expect in a sentence

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Sentence count:261+62 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-24Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: anticipateawaithopelook forsupposethinkAntonym: despairSimilar words: expectedunexpectedexpertexpenseexpertiseexperimentexperienceexperiencedMeaning: [ɪk'spekt] v. 1. regard something as probable or likely 2. consider obligatory; request and expect 3. look forward to the probable occurrence of 4. consider reasonable or due 5. be pregnant with 6. look forward to the birth of a child. 
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1. We shall never have friends if we expect to find them without fault. 
2. What do you expect from a pig but a grunt? 
3. Bear with evil and expect good. 
4. Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it. 
5. If you are successful, you can expect promotion.
6. We expect to see further improvement over the coming year.
7. With an upward trend in inflation, you expect prices to rise.
8. I'm going to the audition but I don't expect I'll get a part.
9. He's the last person I'd expect to be mixed up in something like this.
10. Visitors can expect to pay about a thousand pounds a day.
11. You can't expect him to be perfect.nobody is.
12. It is unrealistic to expect these changes to happen overnight.
13. I did not expect the job to be intrinsically rewarding.
14. That's not the sort of behaviour I expect of you!
15. I expect he'll pass the examination.
16. The People's Front expect to pick up a lot more votes in this year's elections.
17. She knows broadly what to expect.
18. I didn't expect to come home and find him gone.
19. Employees expect flexibility in the workplace.
20. It's just not realistic to expect a promotion so soon.
21. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.
22. I hope he doesn't expect you to wait up for him.
23. When the oak is before the ash, then you will only get a splash; when the ash is before the oak(Sentencedict), then you may expect a soak. 
24. He that will not allow his friend to share the prize must not expect him to share the danger. 
25. Sometimes, the perfect person for you is the one you least expect.
26. It was good luck that I met you here; I did not expect to see you.
27. Stella, of all people, is the last one I'd expect to see at the club.
28. Don't try so hard,the best things come when you lease expect them to.
29. If you play the fool, and lose a good job on consequence , you can hardly expect much sympathy.
30. The things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.
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