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Excrement in a sentence

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Sentence count:72Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: body wasteexcretaexcretionexcretory productSimilar words: incrementincrementalexcitementexcreteretirementrequirementmeasurementaforementionedMeaning: ['ekskrɪmənt]  n. waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the body. 
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1. In my bed is a faint smell of excrement.
2. It smelled of damp mold and rat excrement.
3. The cage smelled of excrement.
4. No one likes streets covered in dog excrement, or being bowled over by a powerful dog pulling on its leash.
5. The odor of excrement that is overpowering on certain tiers.
6. Rotting food, excrement, broken glass had to be painstakingly cleaned up later.
7. I have had a reference to bovine excrement splashed in red ink across an entire manuscript page.
8. And the acceptance of excrement as a standard? How extraordinary!
9. And the smell of excrement, used as fertilizer, permeated the air.
10. He stopped to wipe away the excrement, which blinded his eyes and coated his lips.
11. And one of their main components was human excrement, since few houses have toilets in the poorer zones.
12. It also alleges that they were forced to put their heads into a bucket of urine and excrement.
13. It was revolting to see these half-starved creatures snuffling around behind the houses or along the river-bank in search of excrement.
14. Small boys used them as goal-posts[], while a trail of adults crouched behind them among baked piles of excrement.
15. Robinson smiled as he lifted the plastic cover from the slop bucket to reveal a lump of excrement.
16. She was stripped naked and beaten with a cattle prod before being thrown into a cell full of excrement.
17. Preventing the pollution of drinking water by untreated human excrement, for example,( has long been recognised as a basic health concern.
18. When they were forbidden to use the bathroom without uniforms, they smeared excrement on their cell walls.
19. So there we are trying to fish out a bunch of keys from a three-foot pit full of human urine and excrement.
20. The plaster walls were damp and cracked, the floor unswept, its stones stained with dried blood and excrement.
21. All you need is a clean water-supply and an efficient way of getting rid of human excrement.
22. He was on the floor, which was by now streaked with excrement.
23. The other, adorned with green toad-badges, wore steel skullcaps piled with simulated excrement.
24. People from the neighborhood rushed in and threw the place up for grabs, smearing excrement on the walls.
25. He tried again, uncaring that the tramp was motionless by now, the stench of excrement already beginning to permeate the air.
26. Sometimes she had to lift it out, feed it, and change its nappies, thick with excrement.
27. Boys with wicker baskets full of bricks and masonry hurry past; the streets stink and run with mud and excrement.
28. His captors keep one of his shoes to make sure he comes back, and return it to him filled with excrement.
29. Everything - walls, the floor, and Ben - was smeared with excrement.
30. In nineteenth-century Paris young revellers would melt down chocolate and smear horrified passers-by with what they took to be excrement.
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