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Quadrant in a sentence

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Sentence count:79Posted:2017-03-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: quadranglequadrupedhydrantquarantinesquaddrankhindrancequantumMeaning: ['kwɑdrənt /'kwɒd-]  n. 1. a quarter of the circumference of a circle 2. a quarter of the circumference of a circle 3. any of the four areas into which a plane is divided by two orthogonal coordinate axes 4. the area enclosed by two perpendicular radii of a circle 5. a measuring instrument for measuring altitude of heavenly bodies. 
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1. A symbol appears in an upper quadrant of the screen.
2. The river runs through the southwest quadrant of the city.
3. But you must be in the correct quadrant.
4. Each quadrant of the labyrinth comprises four main meanders.
5. The quadrant is a constant reminder of his limitations.
6. The Sony Walkman would fit into this quadrant.
7. Directly below the avionics is the power quadrant with its pairs of throttles, pitch and mixture levers.
8. He tried dividing the lake into quadrants, carefully inspecting each quadrant.
9. This is shown in the right-hand quadrant of Fig. 5.2.
10. Quadrant 2 contains those activities where goals and outputs are more clearly defined but the means to achieve them are not.
11. But this quadrant of Chelsea, more compact and closer to midtown, seems likely to develop more quickly.
12. Quadrant 2 is an area in which innovative projects frequently end up, and it is risky.
13. In the first grid fill in each quadrant with the appropriate work activities in your present position.
14. In the damaged quadrant three men raked stones from the freshly rolled loam.
15. From Theory to Practice: Living a Quadrant II Life.
16. The line AB lies in the second quadrant.
17. Notice particularly clear cells upper left quadrant of field.
18. Sharp left lower quadrant pain exacerbated by palpation.
19. Valve position indicator is integral to quadrant gear.
20. Sharp enduring right upper quadrant pain often after fatty meal.
21. ResultsThe out upper quadrant of the breast was the major position of lesion ( 43.8 % ) .
22. The opportunity will be taken to conduct investigations into the recent boiler tube leak in C Quadrant of Reactor 4.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. Select a local landmark on a 250,000 scale map and draw in the correct quadrant.
24. Two men pushed lawn mowers in Opposite directions. In the damaged quadrant three men raked stones from the freshly rolled loam.
25. In the early eve-ning, just as the stars were coming out, he would often pull out his quadrant and compass.
26. The Bank's bill market operations are shown in the left-hand quadrant.
27. In 1984 a similar study was completed in U.K. Quadrant 53 based on a non-exclusive seismic survey.
28. The effects of the inversion decreases southeastwards and can not be seen at all in the south of Quadrant 53.
29. The 4G of addressable memory is broken down into 4 quadrants, where each quadrant is 1G in size, as shown in Figure 11.
30. This paper introduces the automatism testing system of four quadrants photo detector which can test the parameters such as angle range , center blind zone and quadrant blind zone.
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