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Egalitarianism in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-02-18Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: totalitarianismegalitariantotalitarianmilitarismauthoritarianvegetariansectarianconfucianismMeaning: [-nɪzəm]  n. the doctrine of the equality of mankind and the desirability of political and economic and social equality. 
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1. The ideology of egalitarianism is still very much alive.
2. Linked to egalitarianism and associated with many of the same writers and thinkers has been the drift to collectivism.
3. The egalitarianism by which aristocrats and their slaves shared in one and the same eucharist was extraordinary.
4. In an interesting discussion of varieties of egalitarianism, Plant attacks the rhetoric that links freedom only with consumer choice.
5. Moreover, the empirical evidence on the effect of egalitarianism on capital formation is uncertain.
6. The market egalitarianism argument fails to draw a distinction between the legitimate and illegitimate use of non public price sensitive information.
7. We should not practice egalitarianism.
8. Egalitarianism and the Russian rural commune were closely related.
9. Egalitarianism : The tax system should try to achieve a more equal distribution of after - tax incomes.
10. Equalitarianism or egalitarianism : the view or doctrine that all men have equal social and political.
11. But this deeply held egalitarianism also makes the Nordic model difficult to export.
12. Underlying this is a deep sense of egalitarianism, especially in the education system.
13. The Maoist state preached egalitarianism and relied on the loyalty of workers and peasants.
14. Egalitarianism will not work.
15. The judges liked the new egalitarianism of this: lest anyone be offended at the idea that a cascade falls from top to bottom, this new preposition makes the idea less hierarchical.
16. We shall allow some areas to become rich first ; Egalitarianism will not work.
17. The bias in the contributions is towards quite strong views of equity if not egalitarianism, but different income inequality ideologies exist.
18. Some feminist psychologists have even developed a kind of biological egalitarianism as a corrective to psychology's male-oriented biological theories.
19. Theirs is an essentially optimistic view of human nature, one which stresses cooperation, fraternity, egalitarianism.
20. This, I believe[], does less than justice to their egalitarianism.
21. As an ideal type, however, a command economy need not be committed to such egalitarianism.
22. Since inequality is a natural aspect of society, it is foolish and even dangerous to seek egalitarianism.
23. Its revival or rediscovery was especially appropriate to the Surrealist brand of pictorial egalitarianism.
24. A third factor promoting Pushtunwali is one of its most appealing features, egalitarianism.
25. Jackson was a southwestern parvenu who combined a sense of rough-hewn egalitarianism with the gentlemanly honor typical of his class.
26. He said, Over time, we have denatured the Republic by saddling it with egalitarianism, social levelling, and charity.
27. However the gini coefficient is not the best way to measure egalitarianism.
28. Although some houses were larger than others, Indus civilization cities were remarkable for their apparent egalitarianism.
29. Reducing payroll taxes for middle- and lower-income people harkens back to the Jacksonian idea of small-government egalitarianism.
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