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Generalization in a sentence

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Sentence count:165Posted:2017-03-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: naturalizationnationalizationrealizationsocializationglobalizationspecializationinternalizationhospitalizationMeaning: [‚dʒenərələ'zeɪʃn /-laɪ'z-]  n. 1. the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances 2. reasoning from detailed facts to general principles 3. an idea or conclusion having general application 4. (psychology) transfer of a response learned to one stimulus to a similar stimulus. 
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1. It is unwise to be hasty in generalization.
2. The evaluation of conduct involves some amount of generalization.
3. Try to avoid generalization.
4. That image is, of course, a gross generalization.
5. The third generalization is drawn from survey data.
6. In logical nets, generalization depends on chance exact match between some portion of the retinal image and a training instance.
7. Those who reject generalization insist that history consists of unique and separate events.
8. This analysis applies directly to generalization tests for acquired equivalence of the sort depicted in Table 5.1.
9. But secondary or learned similarities can mediate generalization between otherwise quite dissimilar stimuli.
10. The second caveat is that this generalization, like most, while generally applicable(, is not universally so.
11. First, good generalization from A to B can be readily explained in terms of mediation by the associate.
12. Using generalizations using a property to predict behaviour proof by appeal to a generalization 3.
13. Can you have confidence in a generalization about gender and voting in the United States based on only two elections?
14. Primary generalization will occur between stimuli that are similar, presumably because they have features or elements in common.
15. In such schemes generalization is regarded as a process applicable to different areas of content.
16. In fact there is no established generalization about our concepts, or our fundamental concepts, on which it can be based.
16. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
17. To say that people are healthier than they used to be is a broad generalization -- the reality is a little more complex.
18. The limited body of mathematical results describing chaotic control networks makes generalization difficult.
19. Sometimes the phenomena are so complicated or the evidence is so mixed that no generalization is possible.
20. Comparison of evidence from other countries or geographical regions would seek to confirm this generalization.
21. Nor is science concerned with just the kinds of generalization that make up a theory of determinism with respect to our lives.
22. Although they embody a real-world claim about how agents are motivated, they function more like a paradigm than a generalization.
23. They often reject the tendency toward cross-cultural comparison and the modes of explanation relying upon generalization characteristic of processual archaeology.
24. They can, however, be included in the classical definitions of elastic materials by a generalization of Hooke's law.
25. Doubts then began to arise as to whether a single generalization on wages would suffice.
26. In our example, the data seem too contradictory to support any clear generalization about gender and voting.
27. When Tammy reached for something larger, a synthesis or a generalization, she often stumbled into a vague, fuzzy space.
28. The popular belief is that saturated fat is animal fat, but this is a misleading generalization.
29. Consistent with the protean nature of migraine, there are many exceptions to this generalization.
30. Group 2 errors include positional accuracy, attribute uncertainty, and generalization arising from data classification and spatial variations in map quality.
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