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Engulf in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2016-12-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: devourfloodinundateswallowSimilar words: engulfedtriangularfulfillfulfillingregularregulatehang upring upMeaning: [ɪn'gʌlf]  v. 1. engross (oneself) fully 2. flow over or cover completely. 
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1. The war is threatening to engulf the entire region.
2. Darkness seemed to engulf them as they disappeared, swallowed up in a kind of tunnel way, running deep underground.
3. The events and power struggles which engulf them result in kidnapping, jealousy and romance!
4. Finally the flame would engulf his head and he'd explode in a furious orange ball of flame.
5. Be like an island that no flood can engulf.
6. When waters engulf us we reach for a star.
7. Desire, could engulf our feeling, sense, even everything sometimes.
8. The fire spread quickly via stairways to engulf the entire building.
9. The realisation left him with a feeling of anguish so great that it threatened to engulf him.
10. Is he completely insensitive to the economic, social and financial crisis that now threatens to engulf the Western Isles?
11. And in the United States, it was the Gilded Age that saw the new industrial economy engulf the entire continent.
12. Jaq doubted that even the most towering of storms could engulf the uppermost reaches of Vasilariov.
13. After the war MI5 turned its attention to the growing menace of Bolshevism which the government feared would soon engulf the country.
14. Searing, excruciating agony ripped through his hand and up his arm until it seemed to engulf his entire body.
15. Her self-criticism of the paternalistic atmosphere which she allowed to engulf her in her early insecurity is devastating.
15. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
16. The worst danger women face is unemployment, which threatens to engulf them in the coming decade.
17. Meanwhile Plehve's undefeated Fifth Army had turned about and was threatening to engulf Dankl's now unprotected right flank.
18. The new bacterial forms were versatile and energetic, and could engulf other bacteria.
19. With many more countries still to declare the size of their teams, the problem threatens to engulf the organising committee.
20. I lay rigid, willing myself into the exhausted stupor that I knew was there waiting to engulf me again.
21. The animals which fought there gave little heed to defence; they massed around them and tried to engulf them.
22. And I lay where I fell, fighting to hold back the tears which threatened to engulf me.
23. The date was referred to later in the document as the year that coups d'etat would engulf Europe and overthrow the elite he maligns.
24. The smallest particles do the most damage, killing macrophages that engulf them in the pulmonary alveoli.
25. Together with our friends and allies, we will work to shape change, lest it engulf us.
26. Ms. Merkel, Germany's latest Iron Chancellor, has set her face against any of the measures that might stem the tide that is about to engulf the euro.
27. In the span of thirty years, such carnage would twice engulf this continent.
28. The bacterium is oval in shape, resembling a TicTac, and has a thick, sugar-filled outer coat, which makes it difficult for white blood cells to engulf and destroy it.
29. The trouble is that, while cells within cells are common in eukaryotes, which often engulf other cells, they're vanishingly rare in more rigid bacteria.
30. Composition No. 79 manifests a cragginess and complexity that engulf the overall image but the aesthetic conclusion is astoundingly sublime and pleasing to the eye.
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