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Electromagnetism in a sentence

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Sentence count:85Posted:2017-04-02Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: electromagneticelectromagnetic spectrumelectromagnetic waveelectromagnetmagnetismferromagneticmagnetic domainmagneticMeaning: n. 1. magnetism produced by an electric current 2. the branch of physics concerned with electromagnetic phenomena. 
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(1) The theory of electromagnetism swallowed up the theory of light.
(2) Together these results produce the combined subject of electromagnetism.
(3) Newtonian mechanics, wave optics and classical electromagnetism all constituted and perhaps constitute paradigms and qualify as sciences.
(4) The quantitative details of classical electromagnetism yield an estimated time of about 10 -8 seconds for this collapse to occur.
(5) He wrote his doctoral thesis on electromagnetism.
(6) The photon is the carrier of electromagnetism.
(7) Electromagnetism makes for damn cool trains.
(8) This interplay between mechanics and electromagnetism is less evident.
(9) When connected in series a squarer to electromagnetism feedback system of differential pressure their relation will be linear, which is convenient to display, record and adjust.
(10) Maxwell's Theory of Electromagnetism, Light as an Electromagnetic Phenomenon[], and the Triumph of the Wave Theory of Light.
(11) As the working environment of electromagnetism gets deteriorative and a great deal of jammings exist, target detection and information extraction at very low SINR are difficult.
(12) Response of transient electromagnetism in tunnel whole space was analyzed and ration analytical method to exception response was brought forward.
(13) CCPFPM is consisted of Flux meter, Electromagnetism Valve, Monitor, Petrol gun, switch, sensor, computer, screen and keyboard etc.
(14) The wire rope electromagnetism testing technology is sorted to testing of strong magnetism and testing of weak magnetism from the magnetization intensity.
(15) Have furnace of television, sofa, freezer, electromagnetism, microwave oven, pan, reticle.
(16) Tne equations of electromagnetism weathered the revolution of relativity unchanged.
(17) It was not unlikely that they were closely linked, or even identical, with the forces of gravity and of electromagnetism.
(18) In addition to the usual material, it contains useful chapters on electromagnetism and relativistic fluids and introduces the reader to tensor notation.
(19) It is interesting to contrast gravitation with the other long-range force of nature - electromagnetism.
(20) In particular they made great progress in their attempts to put electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force together within the same theoretical framework.
(21) They are difficult to explain within the laws of electromagnetism.
(22) Albert Einstein spent the last 50 years of his life unsuccessfully trying to unify the theories of electromagnetism and gravity.
(23) The situation might thus he similar to that for the Salam-Weinberg theory unifying electromagnetism and weak interactions.
(24) Amorphous materials have high strength and good properties of electromagnetism and corrosion-resistant.
(25) A total current mode is built based on the transportation of the photogenerated carriers and the transient electromagnetism process.
(26) According to the experiments result, physical scale prevention techniques such as alloy electrochemistry[], transduce electromagnetism and quantum circulation are applied to the field.
(27) A mathematical model of the fault operating crack rotor excited by electromagnetism is established.
(28) We are naturally drawn to try out the same ideas on electromagnetism.
(29) CONVENTIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR microchips operate based on " classical " 19 th - century theories of electromagnetism.
(30) The discovery of this law marked a turning point in the history of electromagnetism.
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