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Effeminate in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-01-23Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: cissyemasculateepicenesissifiedsissysissyishSimilar words: ruminatenominatedominatedecaffeinatedeliminatefulminateculminatelaminatedMeaning: [-nət]  adj. having unsuitable feminine qualities. 
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1. It will not effeminate the boy's mind.
2. He's got a very effeminate manner/voice.
3. The face was round and smooth, almost effeminate.
4. His hair, in long, effeminate ringlets, was barley-fair, like Oliver's.
5. Words like coward, stupid or effeminate should probably never be used unless the client has used that very word himself.
6. A gentle, almost effeminate scholar, Minh Mang reinforced the Confucian administration he had inherited from his father.
7. The way he walks is a bit effeminate, and he sounds effeminate too.
8. His voice was curiously high-pitched, reedy, almost effeminate.
9. Will he look much or a bit effeminate?
10. They are held to be somewhat effeminate.
11. Some times. but also can be very effeminate.
12. He has an effeminate manner.
12. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
13. Also, he had effeminate voice and faces too.
14. He spoke in an effeminate voice.
15. Salai, real name Gian Giacomo Caprotti, an effeminate young artist who worked with da Vinci for 25 years, is thought to have served as a model and muse for several of his paintings.
16. See the handsome but effeminate young man; he has no virile character.
17. Wang is a thin and slightly effeminate young man in his mid-twenties(, who is devoted to the finer things in life.
18. Used as a disparaging term for an effeminate man , especially a gay or homosexual man.
19. Contrary to his effeminate appearance, he said without reserve during interview.
20. His character is effeminate.
21. Salai, an effeminate young artist who worked with da Vinci for 25 years, is thought to have served as a model for several of his paintings.
22. He is an effeminate country youngster with watery blue eyes and hair parted in the middle.
23. He was very young and handsome in a slightly effeminate way.
24. He had already said as much to Mistress Philippa when he had met her and her rather effeminate betrothed.
25. Anthony had more of Michael's ruggedness whereas Geoffrey had softer features, almost effeminate.
26. This was no peace and love; here were no drum solos or effeminate synthesizers.
27. This reflects not only homophobia but also sexism, since gay men are stereotyped as effeminate, too much like women.
28. The first gay characters appeared on the silent screen 70 years ago, when archly effeminate sissies were exploited for cheap laughs.
29. Ro, hiding among my plants, holds himself in a way that seems both too effeminate and too macho.
30. Antisemitism, support for Nazi Germany, portrayals of their enemies as sub-men or as effeminate were all features of BUF policy and rhetoric.
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