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Driver in a sentence

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Sentence count:289+65 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-16Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: device drivernumber one woodSimilar words: drivedrive outdrive updrivewaydrive homederivethrivearrive atMeaning: ['draɪvə] n. 1. the operator of a motor vehicle 2. someone who drives animals that pull a vehicle 3. a golfer who hits the golf ball with a driver 4. (computer science) a program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device 5. a golf club (a wood) with a near vertical face that is used for hitting long shots from the tee. 
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1. The cab pulled up and the driver jumped out.
2. The truck driver changed gear to go up the hill.
3. Lost property should be handed to the driver.
4. Please tell the driver to go slower.
5. A driver is not supposed to flash his lights at the coming vehicles.
6. An impatient driver behind me sounded his horn.
7. The driver whipped the horses on.
8. That driver drove the car up the ramp.
9. Don't be a back seat driver.
10. The cab driver left the meter running while he waited for us.
11. A driver was killed in a freak accident when a cow fell from a bridge.
12. Neither the driver nor the passengers were hurt.
13. The driver misread an important signal.
14. The coach driver made several pickups before heading for the airport.
15. The taxi driver was obviously in the wrong in going ahead against the red light.
16. 'Are you lost?' the driver asked.
17. The driver jacked up his car to change the flat tire.
18. The driver told us to pile in.
19. A truck driver gave me a tow to the nearest garage.
20. The taxi driver was angrily tooting his horn.
21. The wounded driver looked round for help[],but no one was by.
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22. Disgusted onlookers claimed the driver was more concerned about his car than about the victim.
23. The tourists signaled the driver to pull over.
24. The driver of the car was killed in the crash but both passengers escaped unhurt.
25. I saw a man shouting at a driver whose car was blocking the street.
26. The taxi driver revved up his engine.
27. There was an accident here yesterday. A car hit a tree and the driver was killed.
28. Suddenly the man brought a gun out and threatened the driver with it.
29. They tried to hush up the matter they hijacked a lorry driver.
30. Greg tipped police off on his car phone about a suspect drunk driver.
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