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Distributive in a sentence

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Sentence count:94Posted:2017-06-26Updated:2017-06-26
Similar words: distributingdistributionincome distributionstatistical distributionretributiveattributivedistributedistributorMeaning: [dɪ'strɪbjʊtɪv]  adj. serving to distribute or allot or disperse. 
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1. Reorganization is necessary on the distributive side of this industry.
2. Indubitably this vision of distributive justice satisfies the demands of liberal philosophy, because it respects both formal equality and individual autonomy.
3. Distributive conflicts have to be resolved by some form of bargaining process.
4. Questions of peace and war, global distributive justice, gender and racial inequality, and environmental degradation concern us all.
5. We can compare this concept of distributive justice found in choice theories with an equivalent pattern found in interests theories.
6. If the distributive trades are included with the above, then three freemen out of every five provided for the customer.
7. Different historical period decides distributive element is different.
8. Exploration implements a form by labor element distributive.
9. Distributive justice is not about moral desert.
10. A novel distributive localization method using the angle of departure is proposed to reduce the cost and complexity of existing localization methods for wireless sensor networks.
11. The variation of condition did not change the distributive range magnitude of the dispersed phase droplet.
12. Distributive justice is based on allocation result. And procedural justice is based on determine process.
13. Distributive shock: Distributive shock results from a relative inadequacy of intravascular volume caused by arterial or venous vasodilation ; circulating blood volume is normal.
14. When file space greatens, new distributive space is not mixed certainly original space is successive.
15. Second, the outcome of the game does not correspond to any ideal of distributive justice.
15. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
16. The weight of advertising put behind major brands has given these manufacturers influence over their distributive outlets.
17. Rural areas have relatively larger proportions employed in low-paying industries such as agriculture, distributive trades and tourism.
18. It arose in argument and action concerned with freedom, retributive and distributive justice.
19. Channel structure To a great extent a manufacturer's choice of distributive intermediaries is governed by the members in that channel.
20. Whatever the legal concepts employed, interests theory promotes communitarian values in its theory of distributive justice.
21. These conclusions thus accord more with Hayek's views on distributive justice than with those of Rawls.
22. The place value identification of criterion 1a is required in addition to the distributive law and this combination proved very demanding for low attainers.
23. This definition of voluntariness exhibits a particular ideal of distributive justice.
24. Distributive mixing is empolyed to homogenize the polymer melt . Distributive mixing relis on high polymer strain rates.
25. China's Archeozoic Terrane, mainly a granite-greenstone belt, a small part of which been metamorphosed at a high grade, is basically located in North China Platform distributive area.
26. We introduce the conception of involutorial anti automorphism over distributive pseudolattices, define and get some properties of M-P inverse of matrix.
27. Results Some equivalent statements are obtained concerning a semiring becoming a distributive lattice.
28. This paper introduces the concepts of product and product topology of completely distributive lattice and defines compact space and T_2 space. Their product theorem is proved.
29. Nozick has refuted all kinds of criterion in his distributive justice.
30. The operation laws including:commutative law , associative law , cancellation law , unity of operation, inverse element, and distributive law between two operations, here we just omit them.
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