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Redistribute in a sentence

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Similar words: distributedistributeddistributordistributarydistributiontributeattributecontributeMeaning: [‚rɪːdɪ'strɪbjuːt]  v. distribute anew. 
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1. Controls were used to redistribute or redirect resources.
2. They aim to redistribute income from the rich to the poor.
3. As president he would redistribute the country's wealth.
4. Taxes could be used to redistribute income.
5. He intends to redistribute income from the middle class to poorer paid employees and pensioners.
6. Not quite so obviously, they want to redistribute income from those with more to those with less.
7. Other policies that influence savings rates or redistribute income from capital to labour will in general change.
8. These reforms redistribute power within institutions, but they do not make the legal system more democratic.
9. Finally, arrangements are to be created to redistribute wealth in the region.
10. He said it would redistribute the land to the squatters and other poor black people.
11. It can be used to focus efforts to redistribute income precisely where they belong: on the poor.
12. In any case the government's desire to redistribute without compensation has stripped most agricultural land of any value.
12. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
13. Ethically, it is impossible to redistribute income intentionally in a developing country to see if civil strife erupts.
14. We must redistribute power in this country by peaceful means.
15. The consequence was to redistribute money from the rich south, where property prices were high, to the poorer north.
16. The scramble to redistribute existing resources and clients provides the conditions for the development of schemes such as the duty solicitor.
17. Public policy should redistribute income and subsidise, if not deliver directly, essential services such as education and health.
18. Redistribute it to your team.
19. Policies to redistribute income do not adequately reduce inequalities.
20. Another important aspect of reform is to redistribute the funds allocated to science and education.
21. A more progressive tax policy could help redistribute some of the gains of trade accruing to those on the top of the income scale.
22. An Institute of Agrarian Reform was founded to break up large estates and redistribute them to landless labourers.
23. Mr. Scott Each annual allocation of funds to district budgets has been designed to redistribute resources in a progressively more equitable way.
24. Increased real income provides us with an admirable detour around the rancor anciently associated with efforts to redistribute wealth.
25. An alternative is that in which government takes much greater action to redistribute income.
26. Legislation was introduced to expropriate land from absentee landlords and redistribute it to peasants.
27. John Smith has sought to present Labour's tax increases as a fair way to redistribute money from rich to poor.
28. The optimal tariff increases welfare only marginally, its main effect being to redistribute welfare from farmers to government.
29. In a cross-docking system with stochastic demand, lateral transshipment can be used to redistribute stock between locations based on a certain criterion and to reduce possibility of stock out.
30. This program may be used freely, and you are welcome redistribute it under certain conditions.
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