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Deify in a sentence

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Antonym: blasphemecurseswearSimilar words: deificationdeitydeistfade inslide intotake pride inedifypacifyMeaning: ['diːɪfaɪ]  v. 1. consider as a god or godlike 2. exalt to the position of a God. 
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1. The Romans used to deify their emperors.
2. It would not do to deify a rebel against Rome.
3. Some people deify power.
4. But because both systems deify one aspect of reality they produce problems which are insoluble within their own terms of reference.
5. Nothing could have been more natural than to deify this powerful and benevolent force.
6. I don't think anybody will deify kennedy.
7. These young men deify financial success.
8. We deify independence and wilfulness and call them by the wrong name.
9. I deify anyone to work walk out the brofferlers brothels or to work walk out the orphanage leaving those people behind and .
10. Some supervisors even require the workers to deify their supervisor's name badges.
11. How does Nature deify us with a few and cheap elements!
12. Attempt to deify the man known as the great man who should be the ulterior motives of the person or people with some kind of complex.
13. At that time, statues of Mao served to deify him.
14. Again we have seen only too clearly in some other countries what can happen if you personify and almost deify the State.
15. This is a vital part of the archetypal martyr/messiah myth: to mythologize and deify the martyr.
16. From animism to naturalistic pantheism, there are various belief systems that deify the natural world.
17. Perforative the highroad of ancient town also accordingly by people deify road.
18. What about the self-made rich? Shouldn't we be more impressed by them? While their hard workperseverance are often admirable(, I wouldn't be too quick to deify.
19. The Chinese ancient emperors tended to connect themselves with dragons to deify their supreme status and authority. They were marked deeply with dragons in dressing, diet and dwelling.
20. Under the influence of many factors, people, on the one hand, have high expectation of and show great concern to school education, and even exaggerate and deify its role.
21. The rule thought of Oin Dynasty is a kind of eclectic thought. It makes use of theology thought of the religion to deify and rule.
22. The female view refuses the simple opposition between the female and the male or tradition and modern, refuses to deify and uglify the female .
23. After "breaking off the way to heaven", the view of communication between god and man tranferred to the one of "unanimity of heaven and man"to deify the king's right in essence.
24. Of course, God made in the previous activity, do not exclude the possibility that some people are deified by Marx and Engels to deify himself.
25. It makes use of theology thought of the religion to deify and rule.
26. Will to power 1005 says that Schopenhauer, quote: did not understand how to deify the will.
27. While their hard work and perseverance are often admirable, I wouldn't be too quick to deify.
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