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Vilify in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2016-10-12Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: railrevilevituperateSimilar words: qualifynullifyciviliancivilvillageheavilycivil rightslifeMeaning: ['vɪlɪfaɪ]  v. spread negative information about. 
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1. The agency has been vilified by some doctors for being unnecessarily slow to approve life-saving drugs.
2. He was vilified in newspapers.
3. Why is he always trying to vilify my reputation?
4. He was vilified by the press as a monster of perversity.
5. Johnson was vilified in the press for refusing to resign.
6. She was vilified by the press for her controversial views.
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7. He was vilified, hounded, and forced into exile by the FBI.
8. Stevens has been vilified by his opponents in the press.
9. Many welfare opponents vilify recipients as lazy and immoral cheats and con artists.
10. Another image from the Cultural Revolution flashed before his eyes: his aging mother being vilified on her hands and knees.
11. On the one hand they are vilified as criminals, nipping at small children in city parks where they have been fed.
12. Kevin's glasses had slipped down his nose as he stared at bracteate, trowel and vilifies.
13. Vilified by opposition politicians, Bryan lost to McKinley in 1896 and again in 1900.
14. Salmond was vilified by Labour and parts of his own party for making a similar deal with Lang.
15. Labour, vilified as likely to spoil the Tory prosperity, remained a weak and uninspiring political force.
16. Julia Grant socialized with robber barons and was vilified for her role in a gold-market scandal.
17. What would have happened if the man who had been traduced and vilified had been a village schoolmaster?
18. He was never vilified in the press as Robson was.
19. But I also do not want people to vilify.
20. Two chose not to vilify Skilling, however.
21. Taking care that anti-terrorist efforts do not vilify Muslims in Western countries is self-evidently sensible.
22. Chen Shui - bian's government also vilify the Chinese mainland issues.
23. HEATHER HEIMAN: "We try not to demonize or vilify the international marriage brokerage industry as a whole."
24. The problem is to address this kind of thing without vilifying one group and making martyrs of another.
25. Governments interested in publicity and propaganda have published much under the impulse of the urge to justify themselves and vilify their opponents.
26. And so it's an understandable ploy on Milton's part that he needs to vilify Shakespeare by identifying that great poet, his older contemporary, with Comus.
27. They branded her an apostate by imperial forces to vilify Islam. ""
28. Men flatter her and then betray her. Her people embrace her and then vilify hr.
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