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Cipher in a sentence

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Sentence count:129+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-12Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: 0aughtcalculatecodecomputecryptographcypherencipherencodeencryptfiguregoose egginscribenadanaughtnilnixnobodynonentitynothingnoughtnullreckonsecret codework outwrite in codezerozilchzipzippoSimilar words: epiphanysiphon offsphereblasphemypropheticeuphemismatmospherephotographerMeaning: ['saɪfə]  n. 1. a message written in a secret code 2. a mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number 3. a quantity of no importance 4. a person of no influence 5. a secret method of writing. v. 1. convert ordinary language into code 2. make a mathematical calculation or computation. 
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1 The message was written in cipher.
2 The glasses were engraved with the Queen's cipher.
3 It's a telegram in cipher.
4 They couldn't cipher out how she got there.
5 I couldn't cipher out his motives.
6 He's a mere cipher in the company.
7 At work, she was a cipher, a functionary, nothing more.
8 To her employers she was a mere cipher, with no human feelings at all.
9 The interim government is a mere cipher for military rule.
10 If you have no children, enter a cipher in the space on the form.
11 The army uses a special cipher so that military messages are kept secret.
12 The embassy was ordered to destroy its cipher equipment and remaining codes.
13 When I felt outrage was I simply a cipher for cultural prejudice?
14 No one is a cipher, and Maloney tries to give his subjects a character,( a singular demeanour and poise.
15 One bears the Romanov double-headed eagle, another the cipher of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth.
16 He was a cipher to me, a silent man of abstracted benevolence, and I never got to know him well.
17 I was a cipher in this company.
18 He's a figment, a cipher, jabberwocky.
19 A symbol used in secret writing; cipher or code.
20 The British were constantly increasing their cipher security.
21 Politically, he was a cipher.
22 A device for translating plain text into cipher.
23 I am now ready for cipher block chaining.
24 I couldn't cipher out why she was there.
25 Cipher: Our free trial of kungfu has expired.
26 The block cipher with a substitution permutation network is the best known and widely used block cipher system.
27 A pair of rock crystal goblets engraved with the cipher of Peter the Great.
28 His straight heavy sword hung in a gilded scabbard by his royal blue saddle-cloth that was embroidered with the King's cipher.
29 The first would be to protect Britain's own secrets by developing the necessary cipher machines, codes and operating procedures.
30 This paper proposes a matrix based substitution permutation network as the model of block cipher.
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