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Discernible in a sentence

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Synonym: discernableevidentobservableSimilar words: discernvisceralconcerningsusceptibledisconcertingconcernascertainmaternityMeaning: [-nəbl]  adj. 1. perceptible by the senses or intellect 2. capable of being perceived clearly 3. capable of being seen or noticed. 
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(1) The difference between the two is readily discernible.
(2) Her face was barely discernible in the gloom.
(3) His face was barely discernible in the gloom.
(4) There is often no discernible difference between rival brands.
(5) Somehow he'd scored the first small, barely discernible victory.
(6) The shapes in the room were barely discernible.
(7) Irrespective of charges, there is a discernible trend toward higher parental contributions to state education.
(8) This causes no discernible pain in the vast majority of cases.
(9) Similar patterns are discernible with other brooch types, although there has been less detailed research.
(10) Individual craft items with a discernible artistic quality will be covered by copyright.
(11) You will meet this problem in its most discernible form on rivers, or stretches of river, which are heavily match-fished.
(12) There are no slums, and no discernible wealth, just an equal distribution of what looks like poverty.
(13) There is a discernible, almost romantic frisson about a sea crossing, nomatterhow short.
(14) The recession had no discernible consequences for the ability of Labour and its supporters to maintain political work.
(15) There are discernible cases of the Presocratics being influenced by conceptual frameworks, but they are not scientific frameworks.
(16) A dark stain was discernible running intermittently from the door to the bottom of the stairs.
(17) Far away the outline of the island is just discernible.
(18) I can see developing in the mind strange and wonderful potentialities that are already discernible in rudimentary form.
(19) Midlands have little form and against the South showed a defensive bias and no discernible pattern.
(20) Elisabeth approached the longhouse along a grassy footpath, her feet making no discernible sound.
(21) This time it was louder, closer, and of a more discernible and fervent, regular rhythm.
(22) They had been conquered by Menelik but among them the Abyssinian imprint was as yet barely discernible, for which I was thankful.
(23) Provided this is taken into account, the differences between comparable samples are as readily discernible as when relative abundance is used.
(24) Amazingly, the contrast between his before and after physique was barely discernible.
(25) It formed part of a pervasive tendency towards administrative specialization discernible throughout the Savoyard government in the seventeenth century.
(26) This stain is very valuable for its minute selectivity on a scale discernible with a petrographic microscope.
(27) There are hints of preferred shapes on a regional basis, but there is little distinct typological development discernible.
(28) Education, on the other hand, is slow to change, discernible change being measurable in years, or even decades.
(29) Beyond the small cell the light from the sconce was barely discernible.
(30) Behind them, a vague wall of audience, the faces barely discernible in bright, damp air.
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