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Decelerate in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-01-11Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: retardslowslow downslow upSimilar words: acceleratetoleratecelebrationdecoratedecoratedredecorateoperateberateMeaning: [‚diː'seləreɪt]  v. 1. lose velocity; move more slowly 2. reduce the speed of. 
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1. The government has made every effort to decelerate inflation.
2. Our flight continued to decelerate to about 70 knots.
3. An underpowered helicopter will rapidly decelerate as soon as you apply any control input and the model will come to a dead stop-probably inverted.
4. Only four steps are required to decelerate the motor, as the load torque contributes to the decelerating torque.
5. The government has made every to decelerate inflation.
6. The economy with Chinese broil must decelerate.
7. The import will decelerate will cause the trade surplus expansion quickly.
7. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
8. It can decelerate decrepitude, brighten skin, fade mark and make skin white, tender and healthy.
9. The relations between accelerate index, decelerate index and elasticity were in the next place.
10. The gear case integrated with decelerate and drive function, has reliable performance and long life.
11. To modern women depend on a cosmetics to decelerate aging progress is absurd.
12. Next, follows the global economic growth to decelerate, the commodity price appears drops sharply.
13. This mechanism includes dynamical decelerate device , oriented screw device and clasp dial wheel device.
14. Also, further government tightening could decelerate the current outflow of bank liquidity into equity markets.
15. Contrary to widely-held expectations that copper imports would decelerate, unwrought copper and semi-finished product imports surged to a fifth consecutive monthly record.
16. How can decelerate cancer cell excuse me diffuse! Be urgent!
17. I have an aggravating whine coming from my gearbox every time I decelerate in fourth gear.
18. Then, with a single powerful engine burn, the spacecraft can decelerate to a soft landing on the lunar surface.
19. He shifted into low gear. The two vehicles began to decelerate.
20. In this paper, a kind of design program about spacecraft's recovery-parachute system is introduced, recovery control project and decelerate project are showed particularly.
21. Fall after a rise of finance income amplitude, monetary credit is added fast continue to decelerate.
22. At that time, the contention of machine market had entered decelerate to turn white - hot.
23. The results show that using the method of GPS, through level accelerate flight and level decelerate flight, we can get the shock and position error curves fully.
24. A number of measures of inflation in the US have already started to decelerate, indicating that companies are absorbing input price increases into margins.
25. But after when overspeed, meets the front vehicle impediment, the pilot can not but decelerate urgently.
26. A third baseman running toward the line must eventually decelerate forces that are not vertical.
27. A heavier object takes a greater force and a longer time to accelerate and decelerate.
28. As the body uncoils each segment should stop ( decelerate ) as the next body segment accelerates.
29. This design I adopted the triangle tape to spread to move , and the cylinder wheel gear decelerate the machine and subulate wheel gear to spread to move.
30. This year and next year, American, British and Eurozone's economic growth will decelerate obviously.
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