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Stark in a sentence

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Sentence count:196+15 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-27Updated:2017-01-27
Synonym: absolutecompletedownrightentirelyfulloutrightwholeSimilar words: starestarstartstarvestarchstarterupstartstart upMeaning: [stɑrk /stɑːk] adj. 1. devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment 2. severely simple 3. complete or extreme 4. without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers 5. providing no shelter or sustenance. adv. completely. 
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1, The hills stood stark against the winter sky.
2, She faced the stark choice of backing the new scheme or losing her job.
3, In the cold dawn light, the castle looked stark and forbidding.
4, These issues have created a stark fault line within the Peace Process.
5, She seemed to have gone stark raving mad.
6, The stark jagged rocks were silhouetted against the sky.
7, The landscape was grey and stark.
8, Are you stark raving mad, jumping off a moving train?
9, There is a stark contrast between the lives of the rich and those of the poor.
10, I think white would be too stark for the bedroom.
11, It was a stark room with its white walls, and a bed and chair as the only furniture.
12, They often wandered around the house stark naked .
13, The movie shows the stark realities of life in the ghetto.
14, In the suburbs the spacious houses stand in stark contrast to the slums of the city's poor.
15, Stark concrete walls have been softened by a show of fresh flowers.
16, Their attitudes towards love and marriage stand in stark contrast to those of their parents.
17, His actions were in stark contrast to his words.
18, The remains of the building stand as a stark reminder of the fire.
19, All contestants competed stark naked.
20, The author paints a stark picture of life in a prison camp.
21, She realized with a shock that she was stark naked.
22, You must be stark raving mad to risk your money like that!
23, The stark fact is that even with more time, we still couldn't raise enough money.
24, There is a stark contrast between tradition and modernity on the streets of the city.
25, He now faces the stark reality of life in prison.
26, The winter heatwave in California is a stark contrast to the below-freezing temperatures on the East Coast.
27, The good weather was in stark contrast to the storms of previous weeks.
28, The tree stood out in stark relief against the snow.
29, UK companies face a stark choice if they want to stay competitive.
30, When I told her I'd crashed her car,[] she went stark raving bonkers.
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