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Proliferate in a sentence

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Similar words: proliferationcome to lifeberateoperatefederatedesperatemoderateliberateMeaning: [prə'lɪfəreɪt]  v. 1. grow rapidly 2. cause to grow or increase rapidly. 
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1. Rabbits proliferate when they have plenty of food.
2. Computer courses continue to proliferate.
3. Since then, the work has continued to proliferate.
4. Towns proliferate in civilizations: in cultures they remain embryonic.
5. The HIV virus is able to proliferate at an astonishing rate.
6. As bad loans proliferate, investors are less willing to buy bank debt and equity, making capital scarcer.
7. As courses proliferate, they promote themselves with ever more exotic gimmicks.
8. Such cultures retain viability and continue to proliferate for approximately I week but changing the medium may extend this period.
9. Jem was one of those burly figures who proliferate on film-sets.
10. When defaults proliferate, as they do during and after recessions, the two firms wield enormous clout in financial markets.
11. When sulphate availability is increased sulphate reducing bacteria proliferate and eventually may outcompete methanogens when the sulphate supply is sufficient.
12. In Gravity's Rainbow, conspiracies proliferate to such an extent that they beggar description.
13. In leukemia , however, these lymphocytes proliferate abnormally.
14. Corruption, economic mismanagement, repression and instability will proliferate.
15. Fantasies proliferate where factsare few.
16. Health food shops proliferate in this region.
17. There is a natural tendency for services to proliferate.
18. As bottled water grows in popularity, these problems proliferate.
19. Pizza parlors proliferate in this area.
20. To satisfy the demands of wealthier parishioners for more comfort during the often lengthy sermons, pews with cushions began to proliferate.
21. Around the Brighton Conference Centre, academic tracts on the party's past and future course seem to proliferate daily.
22. Critics fear that adhoc boards, neither accountable nor thrifty, will proliferate.
23. Yet the idea of a post-apocalyptic city captivates the contemporary mind and its images continue to proliferate.
24. In a warm climate bees flourish to such an extent that hives proliferate in geometric progression.
25. In heterozygous females,[] pre-B cells whose active X chromosome expresses the mutant gene would not terminally differentiate and proliferate.
26. Without fish, insects become the dominant species and acid-loving insects, such as water boatmen, proliferate.
27. These broader, qualitative questions must be raised and examined as courses for unemployed people continue to proliferate.
28. In the human management of distributed control, hierarchies of a certain type will proliferate rather than diminish.
29. As each separate town in Prague had its own town hall and guild system, such guild buildings proliferate.
30. On the southern Dhofar coast, monsoon rains provide a fertile climate in which bananas and citrus trees proliferate.
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