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Repel in a sentence

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Synonym: disgustdrive backhold offnauseateoffendrebuffrepulserevoltsickenAntonym: attractSimilar words: repeatrepealrepeatedrepertoirerepeatedlyrepercussionobstreperousspellMeaning: [rɪ'pel]  v. 1. cause to move back by force or influence 2. be repellent to; cause aversion in 3. force or drive back 4. reject outright and bluntly 5. fill with distaste. 
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1. No human can repel a firm hope.
2. Two positive charges repel each other.
3. The army was ready to repel an attack.
4. This material will repel moisture.
5. Fire and water repel each other.
6. Like poles repel, unlike poles attract.
7. The fabric has been treated to repel water.
8. North magnetic poles repel .
9. They prepared to repel the invaders.
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10. Similar poles of magnets repel each other, and opposite poles attract.
11. Evil odors invariably repel.
12. Staff were instructed to repel intruders with physical force, if need be.
13. Like electric charges repel.
14. Skunks repel attackers with a malodorous spray.
15. Use cedar or citronella candles to repel biting insects.
16. Guerrilla fighters were soon able to repel the army's attack.
17. The city was fortified and was able to repel raids by pirates and a siege by the Saracens in 866-7.
18. Rather than misdirecting attacks, they repel them altogether, as we shall see in the next chapter..
19. The wax molecules carry no charge and repel water molecules, which are charged.
20. They have fifty thousand troops along the border ready to repel any attack.
21. As these electrons are negatively charged they will attempt to repel each other.
22. I can not bear this obscene, grubbing curiosity about the affairs of others, it has never failed to repel me.
23. The researchers relied on the ability of the material to repel a magnetic field, a trademark of superconductors.
24. Yet his system, like others on the contemporary scene, is constructed soas to repel argument or contrary evidence.
25. Approaching the lodging house it looks as if the old harridan has got a gang together to repel unwelcome boarders.
26. Then two mighty heroes, the twin brothers Tyrion and Teclis, arose to succour the realm and repel the invasion.
27. The process didn't perturb him for the simple reason that it didn't repel Willie.
28. As in electricity, a positive charge glances away from a positive charge: like charges repel each other.
29. In fact, several guidebooks were conspiracies to conceal this information, and repel invaders from outside the initiated inner circle.
30. Theirs had been one of those childless, self-absorbing marriages which unconsciously repel attempts at intimacy.
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