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Conjoin in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-03-20Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: enjoinjoinjointjoin upjoin inadjoiningjoint committeejoint resolutionMeaning: [kən'dʒɔɪn]  v. 1. make contact or come together 2. take in marriage. 
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(1) America's rise in rates was conjoined with higher rates elsewhere.
(2) Where on this conjoined road of shared experiences did the Prime Minister go so badly wrong and become a Tory?
(3) This was especially the case when pragmatism was conjoined to a legal positivist outlook.
(4) The three are conjoined most deeply by the child first known as Little Panda, and then called Loyalty.
(5) Third, his anxieties about homosexuality were conjoined with class antagonism.
(6) On November 30 - December 1, Venus will conjoin Jupiter in a once - a - year event.
(7) That new moon will conjoin Neptune, the planet of the arts.
(8) This full moon will conjoin your ruler, Neptune, the planet that inspires a rich imagination.
(9) On December 31, Mercury will conjoin good fortune planet Jupiter, one of the most important aspects of 2008 for you.
(10) After researching the conjoin styles of Main and Sub, I deduce them into 13 categories.
(11) Mars will conjoin that moon, so you seem anxious to make up your mind, but if so, don't rush the details.
(12) Venus will conjoin Mars - the most alluring aspect possible - as you get closer to month's end (to meet in early October). Your charm is on the rise, dear Scorpio!
(13) Two days later, the Sun and Uranus will conjoin in Pisces bringing even more unanticipated events.
(14) Simultaneously, Venus will conjoin with Neptune, which is one of the most glamorous and romantic aspects possible.
(15) The wisdom of the retired generals and backbench MPs conjoins.
(16) Lexandro stared at Valence, and it was as if their minds conjoined for an instant - Valence would never abandon Lexandro.
(17) All those railway sleepers we'd unloaded now formed a substantial complex of enclosures and conjoining gates.
(18) While on Friday you will have experienced Uranus opposition the Sun, now you will have volatile Uranus conjoin the full moon. No doubt about it, someone will be very unpredictable and difficult.
(19) It discusses the composing and the pins' function of EP1K30TC144-3 in detail(, and also introduces the principle of download-line and tells how to conjoin the electric circuit.
(20) The next big day to watch will be Sunday, March 7, when Mercury will conjoin Jupiter.
(21) Alas, more relationship turbulence will come up a week later, on Friday September 12, when Uranus in Pisces will conjoin the Sun in Virgo.
(22) Brainstorm to unlock creative ideas for your career on March 15 when Mercury and Uranus conjoin.
(23) All this will occur because on September 3, Saturn will conjoin the Sun.
(24) And by the end of May it turns super-huge because Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune will all conjoin in the 26 degrees Aquarius.
(25) Capitalize on that energy and initiate discussions about how the two of you may further conjoin your lives.
(26) Thirdly, in order to ensure the implementation of the strategy, XY Company need conjoin the situation in the reality to set up relevant system and environment in technology, capital and management.
(27) Take special notice of what's involved - this one will involve a lot of detail and concentration because Saturn will conjoin this new moon.
(28) And by the end of May it becomes super-huge because Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune will all conjoin at 26 degrees Aquarius.
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