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Accomplice in a sentence

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Synonym: confederateSimilar words: accomplishaccomplishedaccomplishmentaccomplishmentscomplicitycomplicatedimplicitaccompanyMeaning: [ə'kʌmplɪs]  n. a person who joins with another in carrying out some plan (especially an unethical or illegal plan). 
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1. She was her husband's accomplice in murdering a rich old man.
2. The butler was an accomplice in the robbery.
3. The man was suspected as an accomplice.
4. He became an unwitting accomplice in the crime.
5. She revealed the name of her accomplice during interrogation.
6. She became his unwitting accomplice in the robbery.
7. Mary was accused as an accomplice.
8. Slaughter, Lieutenant, Captain Waters's accomplice in swindling the Tuggses.
9. Her accomplice, a square-shouldered young man of perhaps twenty-two, held a copy of my resume.
10. A third factor that has made Lopez an accomplice to the defilement of the Peten is the need for energy.
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11. The second mugger was black, taller than his accomplice and stocky wearing a bracelet on his wrist.
12. What exactly was Nichols' role: willing accomplice, or merely a man with a bad taste in friends?
13. Britain has been an accomplice in this.
14. The second man faces charges for being an accomplice to a serious crime.
15. She has been accused of being an accomplice in the kidnapping.
16. The offenders's accomplice stood at the door holding what appeared to be a shotgun.
17. He stalled the police for ten minutes so his accomplice could get away.
18. The gunman escaped on a motorcycle being ridden by an accomplice.
19. As plans took form in her mind, she realized the need for an accomplice.
20. The thief was not alone.We know he had an accomplice.
21. One man held a gun on her while his accomplice took the money.
22. Rather some one who was prepared to be an accomplice to murder.
23. If you choose me then you have to tell me the whole truth - who your accomplice is.
24. He can't recall the man's story but clearly it was a pretext for his accomplice to search the house.
25. The historical adviser is there not to ensure verisimilitude, but to be an accomplice in furthering the aims of the producer.
26. This had the interesting side effect of causing his vocal accomplice to fall temporarily silent.
27. He was shot in the face at close range last Sunday by a gunman and an accomplice.
28. After the robbery, the men escaped in a stolen car driven by an accomplice.
29. He was even assuming that she was a willing accomplice in all of this ... this madness.
30. How does Mr Chre tien reconcile his role as accomplice to President Bush's short-sighted and irresponsible energy agenda?
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