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Matriarchy in a sentence

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Synonym: matriarchateSimilar words: patriarchymatriarchalpatriarchpatriarchalanarchymonarchyoligarchyhierarchyMeaning: [‚meɪtrɪ'ɑrkɪ/'ɑːk]  n. a form of social organization in which a female is the family head and title is traced through the female line. 
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1 This is the matriarchy telling its own story.
2 But Fromm interprets it as a conflict between matriarchy and patriarchy.
3 He found no evidence that a matriarchy had ever existed or is in any way emerging today.
4 That is due to the matriarchy of its society.
5 As a sign invented by the ancient matriarchy to guard against an act of blood marriage, the tattoo of the Li ethnic group holds more profound ethical reasons than assumed to be.
6 This development does not imply an early Matriarchy nor the dominance of society by females.
7 In a matriarchy society people must have different conceptions of woman than in a patriarchy society.
8 The interpretation of matriarchy and patriarchy is pertinent to our interpretation of history and to the prospect of human future.
9 Androgyny as a thought which came of matriarchy embodied the primitive people's native consciousness of equal gender.
10 Another obvious feature of the matriarchy of the Mosuo People is the marriage.
11 Most scholars in past research programs believed that women enjoyed the dominant position, or so-called "matriarchy", in the matrilineal society.
12 The meritocracy is inexorably turning into a matriarchy, and visibly so on many campuses: the heads of Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Brown and the National Defence University are all women.
13 With the ending of matriarchy and the establishment of man's dominance in the society, women's role, known as the "second sex", changed from the ruler of society into the subjugated object of men.
14 The idea apparently stems from that old belief in matriarchy as the only alternative to patriarchy.
15 In particular he scrutinized every report of an alleged matriarchy,[] where women were said to hold political power.
16 It has been fashionable in the last twenty years to suggest that there was in ancient history a utopian matriarchy.
17 Co-existence of matrilineal and patrilineal family in the community of Mosuo people adjacent to Lugu Lake. It's social formation is in such a historical period changing from matriarchy to patriarchy.
18 On this basis, the paper draws the conclusions that law originates in the primitive matriarchy society and and that the start of custom or conduct norm in primitive society signs the beginning of law.
19 Thai's female worship dated back to the en of matriarchy.
20 No one had a clue until modern genetics that a hive is a radical matriarchy and sisterhood: all bees, except the few good-for-nothing drones, are female and sisters.
21 North American west indians had developed into patriarchy composed of clan, it still stays in the eastern matriarchy clan society.
22 The working class, which has long defined our notions of masculinity, is slowly turning into a matriarchy,[] with men increasingly absent from the home and women making all the decisions.
23 The Banpo relics is the biggest and the most complete typical matriarchy relics along the Yellow River valley scale , which is located on the east of Chan River, eastern suburb of Xi'an.
24 She was the main authority-figure in the home. Jeb describes it as having been, "A kind of matriarchy... when we were growing up, dad wasn't at home.
25 In any case, it seems just a matter of time that this ancient and unusual matriarchy will be changing to a more typical patriarchal system.
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