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Thorn in a sentence

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Synonym: irritantprickerpricklespikeletspinestickerSimilar words: hawthornhornhornyauthorplethorathoroughauthorizeauthorityMeaning: [θɔrn /θɔːn] n. 1. something that causes irritation and annoyance 2. a small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf 3. a Germanic character of runic origin. 
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1. There is no rose without a thorn
2. One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. 
3. The thorn was embedded in her thumb.
4. An optimist sees the rose; a pessimist the thorn.
5. The thorn went deep into the flesh of my hand.
6. No rose without a thorn.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. Every rose has its thorn.
8. He's been a thorn in the side of the party leadership for years.
9. The Party was a thorn in the flesh of his coalition.
10. A relentless campaigner, he was a thorn in the government's side for a number of years.
11. His finger was spitted a thorn.
12. The little boy stepped on a sharp thorn.
13. My shirt got hooked on a thorn.
14. The dog had a thorn in its pad.
15. He's been a thorn in my side ever since he joined this department.
16. She had pricked her finger on a rose thorn.
17. A thorn stuck in her finger.
18. Above them, tied to a thorn tree, faded red and white streamers dangle like the tattered carcasses of scrawny birds.
19. Thorn said it began negotiations to re-sign Jackson with its Virgin label in December.
20. Thorn is determined to prove that Bilko is not just a con artist but a crook.
21. Cutlasses of thorn stood guard at one.
22. I was born at Thorn House on the same day - or night - as Donna Hazell.
23. She screamed out when she pricked her finger on a thorn.
24. The old general store had gone but the shade thorn tree was still there, bewildered by its surround of concrete pavement.
25. At the first steep slope of Great Ararat they tethered their horses to a thorn tree and hobbled them.
26. Down below, fires are being lit and the cattle are being driven gently into the enclosures of thorn bushes.
27. But a lot of the impetus has come from the cash Thorn paid when he sold the record company.
28. A rose, isn't quite as beautiful as it once was, when after its thorn pricks you. Anthony Liccione 
29. There is the camel rider of Blunt in the glaring light and the thorn bushes clutching at him with their crooked hands.
30. Others carried head-bundles of leaves and grass for the sheep and goats now penned behind thorn fences beside the houses.
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