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Paddle in a sentence

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Synonym: beatlickoarspankwallopwhipSimilar words: addlesaddlecuddlemiddlefiddlemeddlepuddlepeddleMeaning: ['pædl]  n. 1. small wooden bat with a flat surface; used for hitting balls in various games 2. a blade of a paddle wheel or water wheel 3. an instrument of punishment consisting of a flat board 4. a short light oar used without an oarlock to propel a canoe or small boat. v. 1. propel with a paddle 2. play in or as if in water, as of small children 3. swim like a dog in shallow water 4. walk unsteadily 5. give a spanking to; subject to a spanking 6. stir with a paddle. 
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1. Paddle your own canoe.
2. He would himself paddle me off to the ship.
3. I desperately tried to paddle for the shore.
4. Let's go for a paddle.
5. Wear sandals when you paddle.
6. Shall we go for a paddle?
7. Since her parents died early, she had to paddle her own canoe even in her teens.
8. Each man had a paddle for an hour and then a rest.
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9. The paddle is used to make a bid.
10. I elbowed Karen unceremoniously aside and grabbed the paddle.
11. Folks on the right side control the right paddle.
12. I began an accelerating paddle rhythm....
13. Our new paddle stroke is therefore probably correct.
14. With our first paddle strokes, the canoe started moving rapidly down the river.
15. Like the map, the taught sweep paddle stroke is unlike the real sweep stroke but still very useful.
16. People paddle kayaks and outriggers along the shore, and catamarans whizz by, leaning precariously on one hull.
17. Inside a stunning 30-inch-diameter glass globe, shrimp paddle between fronds of algae.
18. You could paddle out from the right alongside a rock jetty, or you could go from the left.
19. Ruth enjoyed her paddle.
20. We paddle on seas the green of cat's eyes, and seas as clear as mountain streams.
21. If it's not too cold, we can go for a paddle .
22. We might be able to push ourselves across with the paddle.
23. Sergio told us that upon entering the rapid his paddle had snapped in half on his first light stroke.
24. The boats are lowered away and so as not to frighten the whale the crewmen paddle instead of rowing.
25. It's best to go with an organised group if you want to cycle or paddle your way through the area.
26. When he holds up his huge hand to indicate the direction, it is like the blade of a paddle.
27. Sadly, the one on page 17 shows how not to hold a paddle without making any such comment.
28. Anyway today we had the scene where Matt had to hit me with the paddle sort of semi-accidentally.
29. What he learned from that interview was that Graham Ross was up the creek without a paddle.
30. There was a brief debate over which way we should paddle out.
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