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Characterize in a sentence

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Sentence count:172Posted:2016-07-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: depictdescribedistinguishpictureportrayrepresentSimilar words: characteristicbacteriacharterinteractinteractionprizeauthorizefirst prizeMeaning: ['kærəktəraɪz]  v. 1. describe or portray the character or the qualities or peculiarities of 2. be characteristic of. 
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1. How would you characterize the mood of the 1990s?
2. Bright colours and bold strokes characterize his early paintings.
3. Bright colours characterize his paintings.
4. Scientists characterize the humanities as uncertain, vague and irrelevant.
5. Improve laboratory capabilities to identify and characterize emerging pathogens.
6. Can you characterize your own political belief system?
7. A lot of people characterize romance as trashy books.
8. Both characterize connections in reality and both give an account of the character of our beliefs about them.
9. In consequence, simple statistical techniques are used to characterize the grain size distribution data.
10. Growers characterize the upcoming battle as a fight for their right to earn a living.
11. The problem arose of how best to characterize the booklet for teachers.
12. His opponents have tried to characterize him as indifferent to the concerns of the working class.
13. In the pages that follow I will characterize some of the more obvious signs of a badly organized and motivated operation.
14. Another way to characterize these deepening levels of concentration is by the amount of time the mind can remain undisturbed.
15. Some of them we would characterize as networks, others as staff support / staff development cooperatives.
15. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
16. What concepts can be used to characterize those systems that are not democratic?
17. Deciding on the right level for a band depends on the policy ideas which characterize different agents.
18. The first is to take visual systems apart, identify their components and characterize the way these components work.
19. Some analysts attempt to identify broadly shared patterns of political orientations that characterize a large group of individuals.
20. The solid outline encloses the subset of the array that we were able to characterize fully.
21. One way to illustrate such a difference is to characterize different relationships between the Symbolic and the Imaginary.
22. The issue dominated the campaign, prompting many commentators to characterize the election as a virtual referendum on the independence issue.
23. Polar cold may be less constricting than other factors, for example aridity or intense seasonality, that characterize polar regions.
24. Yet while we make this point we must immediately see that these pronouns do not characterize the relationship.
25. Is it worthy of that manly fortitude that ought to characterize republicans?
26. Volcanicity and magma emplacement, largely in the form of large granite intrusions, characterize the volcanic arc.
27. Direct DNA sequencing of the relevant amplification products in both patients was used to characterize each mutation.
28. Even analysts who have been busily downgrading tech stocks tend to characterize the rout as a correction, not a long-term trend.
29. The feminine economy has mostly operated outside the System of explicit prices and contracts that characterize the market economy.
30. Perfection of means and confusion of goals seem- in my opinion- to characterize our age. Albert Einstein 
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