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Catharsis in a sentence

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Synonym: abreactionkatharsispurgationSimilar words: harshpersistat handlethargicrather thanCatholicsparsecoarseMeaning: [kə'θɑːsɪs]  n. 1. (psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions 2. purging the body by the use of a cathartic to stimulate evacuation of the bowels. 
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1 Music is a means of catharsis for me.
2 Those things the Greeks called catharsis the sharing of pity and terror and joy with all.
3 This revolt is a kind of catharsis.
4 Barney was an advanced thinker, a believer in catharsis.
5 Provide for catharsis - release of interdepartmental or interpersonal conflicts of long standing.
6 It presents us with an important catharsis that we should hope never becomes the town square of public life.
7 Music is a means of catharsis for them and they say they like to do things in extreme.
8 This process of catharsis can bring improvements in both physical and mental health.
9 The same note of emotional catharsis was sounded by the Romantic poets in general,[] after the desiccation of late neoclassicism.
10 They an intellectual epiphany and think they've experienced catharsis.
11 Be able to stop bleeding Quyu, Runchang catharsis.
12 Salesman: Child, what do you buy catharsis spirit to work to use?
13 Liquidations and closedowns are the healthy catharsis of an efficient market.
14 This article outlined it from orally catharsis with drugs method and intestinal tract cleaning enema method.
15 Studies show, however, that the notion of anger catharsis is poppycock .
16 He wrote out his rage and bewilderment, which gradually became a form of catharsis leading to understanding.
17 What we witness is not an aesthetic spectacle bringing with it the catharsis which the ritual of the theater can produce.
18 This is the Neds venting their frustrations but finding order through catharsis - a chaotic way of feeling better.
19 The sociologist Scheff is probably the social scientist who has attempted the most thoroughgoing analysis of catharsis in social life.
20 Additional, change lever faucet and raise pattern of keep long in stock bottled catharsis fluid is necessary.
21 It is because of its chemical purity that tragedy so effectively performs functions of catharsis.
22 On the psychological basis of cognitive therapy theory, identity theory, and narrative theory, bibliotherapy goes through at least three stages: identification, catharsis, insight.
23 The teary glint in Premier Wen Jiabao's eyes has cleansed our souls and created a bonding and catharsis that I've never seen before.
24 As far as possible little use the scour that contain silver or other contain sulfureous or the catharsis product of hydrochloric acid.
25 Objective: To observe the effects of the Febricide and Catharsis Treatment of Chinese Medicine (FCTCM) to the Obstructive Jaundice Endotoxemia (OJE).
26 This kind thinks of enough to sweep the haze of catharsis day for you opportunely .
27 Salesman: I had said, cannot wash a doggie with catharsis spirit.
28 At the same time, it also moderate the role of catharsis.
29 Be sure not to miss this night of laughs, dark plots and creative catharsis.
30 They get an intellectual epiphany and think they've experienced catharsis.
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