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Denizen in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-01-23Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: dwellerhabitantindwellerinhabitantSimilar words: zenithcitizenagonizecitizenshiporganizeharmonizerecognizegalvanizeMeaning: ['denɪzn]  n. 1. a person who inhabits a particular place 2. a plant or animal naturalized in a region. 
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1, Gannets are denizens of the open ocean.
2, Deer, foxes and squirrels are among the denizens of the forest.
3, In this country children of denizen go to school free.
4, The denizens of Shantytown live in a natural way.
5, I spot some North Beach denizens eating hamburgers and a lawyer friend from Berkeley picking up romaine leaves with her fingers.
6, Leisure World denizens drive them around golf courses, students around campus.
7, And evidence of the oxygen-starvation to which denizens of that lofty aerie are prey.
8, Orpheus, using a lyre to charm the denizens of hell into giving him back his lady.
9, Many Hollywood denizens are businessmen who have been involved in politics for years.
10, Humorous description of the appearance and the denizens of this slum area of London.
11, If he is that different from the present denizens,( perhaps his influence may extend to more tolerance toward detector users?
12, He is a denizen of the village.
13, Fish are denizen of the sea.
14, His greatest danger now lie in the unknown denizen of the water.
15, The amoeba, a denizen of fresh water, is such a case.
16, TYPICAL USE:The common English sparrow is denizen of America; it was first brought from Europe to America about 1850.
17, His greatest danger now lies in the unknown denizen of the water.
18, The common English sparrow is a denizen of America; it was first brought from Europe to America about 1850.
19, Denizen will initially be targeted at consumers in China, Singapore, South Korea, and eventually India.
20, It was as if they had landed on an alien planet, his fear that of awakening the denizens, giant and menacing.
21, She had only a few harsh words, mostly for Hollywood and its denizens.
22, The Daily News ran a poll the other day on the things that most annoy the local denizens.
23, Most law-abiding citizens obeyed it but not so the denizens of the slums, stinking alleys and runnels of Edinburgh.
24, Although he was a native New Yorker, like many denizens of that city he had a romantic view of country life.
25, And they are enthralled by the whales and other denizens that swim by their vessels.
26, And what makes it such an invigorating saga is his ability to let his idiosyncratic Broadway denizens talk for themselves.
27, He's quite a character around New York -- a denizen of Broadway. "
28, There is no lack of among them a few denizen and berth come language.
29, Because of the company business she have become a denizen of Tokyo.
30, All the rights and franchises that belong to him as a man, or as a denizen, are inviolably to be preserved to him.
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