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Rasping in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-02-16Updated:2017-02-16
Similar words: graspinggraspaspirespinaspirationspinespinachspindleMeaning: ['ræspɪŋ /'rɑː-]  n. uttering in an irritated tone. adj. unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound. 
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1) I heard his breath rasping in his chest.
2) He fell back into the water, his breath rasping in his heaving chest.
3) I heard John's voice rasping in the other room.
4) Then I heard a voice rasping in my head.
5) His first touch was to turn David Bardsley's rasping free-kick, which followed Southall's dismissal, round a post.
6) He could hardly hear his thoughts above the rasping of his breath.
7) He began to cough in rasping barks that became horribly convulsive before eventually subsiding.
8) A rasping lick on the martyr's hand and the caramel was gone.
9) It is a zone concerned entirely with rasping meat from bones or with cleaning fur.
10) Piercing, piercing whistling rasping through teeth, could easily be heard over engine.
11) Rasping is entirely painless and many horses even appear to enjoy the experience.
12) He lowered his head into his hands, fingers rasping whiskers.
13) There was a strange rasping noise coming from over the next rise.
14) Bernice sucked in air with a rasping gasp that hurt her throat.
15) As he went, his sword came rasping from the sheath.
16) It was quiet but harsh, rasping, dry.
17) To breathe with a rasping sound.
18) A terrible rasping, gurgling noise issued from Snape's throat.
19) In a rasping voice, she told of her long and agonising battle.
20) A rasping sound echoed through the room set his teeth on edge.
21) They could hear it far ahead of them - a rasping, monotonous cough.
22) A bluejay was there, too, and a raven gave its deep rasping territorial calls.
23) With the right accessories it can also be used for metal filing, wood and plastic rasping, and for brushing!
24) She touched one of the trees, and the grey bark was deeply grooved, rasping her fingers.
25) Tom's work mostly involves checking for sharp teeth and rasping them smooth.
26) We went up to the ward, by which time he was making very odd, rasping sounds as he breathed.
27) The Manchester -- born striker then added a second on the stroke of half - time rasping volley.
28) To free ( the throat ) of phlegm by making a rasping sound.
29) More so than any other personality type ,( INTJs are brilliant when it comes tog rasping complex theories and applying them to problems to come up with long-term strategies.
30) For a moment, there was no other sound in the room but their combined, rasping breath.
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