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Away in a sentence

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Antonym: nearSimilar words: in a wayget awayawaitawardput awaydie awaypass awaytake awayMeaning: [ə'weɪ]  adj. 1. not present; having left 2. used of an opponent's ground 3. (of a baseball pitch) on the far side of home plate from the batter. adv. 1. from a particular thing or place or position (`forth' is obsolete) 2. from one's possession 3. out of the way (especially away from one's thoughts) 4. out of existence 5. at a distance in space or time 6. indicating continuing action; continuously or steadily 7. so as to be removed or gotten rid of 8. freely or at will 9. in or into a proper place (especially for storage or safekeeping) 10. in a different direction 11. in reserve; not for immediate use. 
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1. Don’t throw away the apple because of the core. 
2. Better good neighbours near than relations far away
3. Diseases come on horseback, but go away on foot. 
4. Although it rains, throw not away your watering pot. 
5. Take time when time cometh, lest time steal away
6. Money is round, and rolls away
7. Long tarrying takes all the thanks away
8. Don’t trifle away your time. 
8. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
9. Agues come on horseback but go away on foot. 
10. When the cat’s away, the mice will play. 
11. Long tarrying takes all thanks away
12. Take time when time comes lest time steal away
13. Blue are the hills that are far away
14. Misforunes come on horseback and go away on foot. 
15. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
16. Salt water and absence wash away love. 
17. Throw away the apple because of the core. 
18. A soft answer turneth away wrath. 
19. Old soldiers never die, they just fade away
20. A soft answer turns [turneth] away wrath. 
21. Constant dropping wears away a stone. 
22. What we acquire without sweat we give away without regret. 
23. Take away my good name and take away my life. 
24. Evil comes to us by ells and goes away by inches. 
25. Swearing was invented as a compromise between running away and fighting. 
26. The cuckoo comes in April, and stays the month of May; sings a song at midsummer, and then goes away
27. Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it. 
28. Two dogs strive for a bone, the third runs away with it. 
29. Take time while time is, for time will be away
30. If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. 
More similar words: in a wayget awayawaitawardput awaydie awaypass awaytake awayturn awaykeep awaygive awayfar and awayaway fromback awaybreak awayclear awayright awaythrow awayawarenessbe aware ofawaitingdo away withwithdrawal
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