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Bankruptcy in a sentence

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Sentence count:206+19Posted:2016-12-15Updated:2016-12-15
Synonym: failureSimilar words: abruptbankerbank ondisruptrupturebankinginterruptcorruptionMeaning: ['bæŋkrəptsɪ]  n. 1. a state of complete lack of some abstract property 2. inability to discharge all your debts as they come due 3. a legal process intended to insure equality among the creditors of a corporation declared to be insolvent. 
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(181) Two funds were frozen by the government; others declared bankruptcy or slashed their interest rates and stopped paying back principal.
(182) Barneys announced yesterday that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
(183) But some buy-outs have ended in the bankruptcy court or in acute distress.
(184) At every turn they are faced by the bank manager and bankruptcy.
(185) The court has power to rescind a bankruptcy order under this section.
(186) From there, it was a short, swift fall into bankruptcy.
(187) The parties later settled for $ 95 million, and Smith emerged from bankruptcy.
(188) Too many people take the easy way out of financial trouble by declaring bankruptcy.
(189) The Supreme Court ruled in 1990 that convicted criminals can avoid making restitution by declaring bankruptcy.
(190) Such an action will force refinancing of the issue or can even force the issuer into bankruptcy.
(191) A statutory demand is one of the statutorily prescribed prerequisites to obtaining remedies afforded to creditors by a bankruptcy order.
(192) The Pennsy was one of the two major railroads that formed Penn Central, which sank into bankruptcy and then became Conrail.
(193) Mark Christie, 30, got divorced 18 months ago before the recession forced his flourishing management consultancy business into sudden bankruptcy.
(194) The ruling left Irving facing bankruptcy with a total of £2.5m in defence costs.
(195) Amtrak said it would face bankruptcy if it paid the salary the union asks.
(195) Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
(196) The bank then served a bankruptcy petition on A for the other half.
(197) For those in truly dire straits, bankruptcy is sometimes the only option.
(198) It seemed that we could just about raise the amount of the offer we had decided upon and still avoid bankruptcy.
(199) A small management group will remain to prepare and manage a reorganisation plan while the company is in bankruptcy court protection.
(200) The debtor would have to pay some of his debt under Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
(201) But the company which makes it has been close to bankruptcy.
(202) Moreover, particularly with smaller firms, the builder may be unable to pay owing to cash flow problems, receivership or bankruptcy.
(203) The creditors decided ot initiate a bankruptcy proceeding.
(204) The threat of bankruptcy is a legitimate tool to extract money from them.
(205) If the bean counters are too weak, the company will spend itself into bankruptcy.
(206) It is the second airline in two months to file for bankruptcy.
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