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Asceticism in a sentence

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Synonym: ascesisausteritynonindulgenceSimilar words: asceticskepticismcynicismascentnascentascertainracismostracismMeaning: [-ɪsɪzəm]  n. 1. the doctrine that through renunciation of worldly pleasures it is possible to achieve a high spiritual or intellectual state 2. the trait of great self-denial (especially refraining from worldly pleasures) 3. rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint. 
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1. asceticism practiced in a monastery.
2. Gandhi exemplified the virtues of renunciation, asceticism and restraint.
3. He next practised asceticism, which was very common among Samanas.
4. The Bishop nodded his approval of this asceticism before accepting the offer of a second helping from Madeleine.
5. Hermitic asceticism represents the most radical phase of the earthly search for access to the gates of the heavenly city.
6. It involves an attitude of extreme asceticism and a hatred of all worldly things - especially the pleasures of the flesh.
7. Nothing is easier than to give Christian asceticism a Socialist tinge.
8. Her opposed the asceticism of devotion to sciences, advocated the gay science.
9. Simon uses the metaphors of monasticism and asceticism to suggest that it is dangerous to load XML too heavily with baggage that does not suit its simple, textual roots.
10. He became an Augustinian monk and practised such asceticism that his health was impaired.
11. It inculcated universal asceticism and social levelling in its crudest form.
12. The concept of celibacy carries connotations of asceticism and religious fervor.
13. Humanistic artists opposed asceticism with humanism, opposed theocracy with human rights.
14. Any discussion of pre-Christian asceticism is outside the scope of this article.
15. Asceticism affected the sexual idea deeply and extensively in modern times in China.
16. Others choose lives of asceticism within our cloistered residence halls.
17. Monasticism and Asceticism develop as important movements in the early Christian church.
18. It is a question of the relation between asceticism and truth.
19. At the same time, the asceticism in western Christianity had also produced important influence on him.
20. Although a passionate lover in his youth, after his baptism by Ambrose he became a champion of asceticism.
21. Countless twentieth-century dictators have been defended from their detractors by pointing out the asceticism of their private lives.
22. He was also more adept at using his rhetorical skills in the service of theology and asceticism.
23. The lack of modern conveniences does not reflect an unusual form of asceticism.
24. So they were practicing a certain kind of early asceticism and monasticism but with this very strong prophetic stream of it also.
25. It belongs to the tradition of Titian and Rembrandt and Delacroix,[ ] and not just to the asceticism and idealism of the early twentieth century.
26. Leo Tolstoy, who in his fifties gave up much of his wealth and devoted himself to a life of pacificism and asceticism, had as one of his disciples a certain wealthy aristocrat named Chertkov.
27. Tolstoy lived like a peasant on his great estate, practising a radical asceticism.
28. Diligence" and "frugality", the two kernel moral standards that he puts forward in it, are distinct representation of the influence of Puritanic labor-for-God belief and its asceticism on him.
29. Ding - ling was a commissary of the authors turning to revolutionary asceticism.
30. In Tantra, science and mysticism go hand in hand, as do sensuality and asceticism.
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