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Arboreal in a sentence

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Synonym: arboraryarboreousarborescentarboresquearboricalarboriformarborousdendriformdendroiddendroidaltree-livingtree-shapedtreelikeSimilar words: harborpearl harborcorporealincorporealharbourcarbonyearbookcarbon cycleMeaning: [ɑː'bɔːrɪəl]  adj. 1. of or relating to or formed by trees 2. inhabiting or frequenting trees 3. resembling a tree in form and branching structure. 
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1) Many people believe that humans evolved from arboreal ancestors.
2) Squirrels are arboreal creatures.
3) Orangs are the most arboreal of the apes.
4) This arboreal lizard is a formidable predator.
5) The orang is by far the most arboreal of the great apes.
6) The majority were arboreal frugivores occupying much the same niche as equivalent-sized monkeys today.
7) Monkeys live in an arboreal habitat.
8) Koala is an arboreal Australian marsupial.
9) When first stage of human evolution, Cercopithecoidea succeed arboreal niches. the founding member of human family have changed living dweller from tree to ground. They exploited new food...
10) Were the first flyers arboreal creatures that initially glided from tree tops to the ground?
11) Any of various small arboreal marsupials of the family Phalangeridae, of Australia and adjac islands, having a long tail and dense woolly fur and including the cuscus and the flying phalanger.
12) Any of several principally arboreal carnivorous mammals of the genus Martes, related to the weasel, mainly inhabiting northern forests, and having a slender body, bushy tail, and soft fur.
13) Perched on a high-elevation cloud forest leaf the arboreal Hispaniolan crowned frog had not been seen since 1991 until this picture was taken in October 2010.
14) Arboreal marsupials may not recover to pre - logging densities.
15) Man was evolved from an ancestor that was probably arboreal.
16) It was gone from view within seconds,( swallowed up by the stark arboreal sanctuary.
17) In addition, a decrease in size seems to have accompanied adaptation to an exclusively arboreal life.
18) Even with snow on the ground, the high bushy understory is exposed; also snow and wind bring down leafy branches of cedar, hemlock, red alder, and other arboreal fodder.
19) The experimental results show that the address map table is constructed by making use of arboreal storage structure which have advantage of lessening the wasting time to complete a search process.
20) Additionally, the structure of tarsometatarsus and the pedal digits presents obviously arboreal adaptation.
21) The analyses result shows that tilia and mongolian oak are suitable for regeneration under the same arboreal species and other trees is suitable under different arboreal species.
22) Human vision like that of other pr mates has evolved in an arboreal environment.
23) Bats were long considered the primary pollinators of Ochroma, but recent research suggests arboreal mammals do most of the work.
24) Kays suspects that the tree's most consistent pollinators may be two arboreal mammals that few have heard of and fewer still have studied: the kinkajou and the olingo.
25) The 'Dinosaur-trees-down' hypothesis, which combines the dinosaurian origin of birds and the arboreal hypothesis of avian flight, is thus well collaborated.
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