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Affirm in a sentence

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Sentence count:82Posted:2017-03-04Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: assertcertifyconfirmdeclareendorsepronounceratifystateAntonym: denynegateSimilar words: affirmativefirmfirm upfirmerfirmlyconfirmfirmnessfirmamentMeaning: [ə'fɜːm]  v. 1. establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts 2. to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true 3. say yes to. 
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1. Everything I had accomplished seemed to affirm that opinion.
2. I can affirm that no one will lose their job.
3. Justice Frank Murphy dissented separately and voted to affirm the conviction.
4. Their purpose was to affirm Soviet propaganda about the evils of capitalism.
5. It is therefore our duty to affirm the judgment ordering Bakke admitted to the University.
6. Other members of the Court affirm on the basis of their reading of certain statutes.
7. One may affirm the fundamental principle of non-violence and yet feel morally bound to kill the madman given the circumstances.
8. There are moral standards that we must affirm for our children.
9. Only this strictly limited interpretation, intended to affirm obedience as the main point, was fostered by the palace.
10. Aristotle might affirm that it was impossible for another cosmos like our own to exist.
11. Affirm your faith, and you will be healed!
12. I feel I affirm platinic writer on the net.
13. To say or affirm earnestly and with great conviction.
14. We affirm these statements to be true.
15. By submitting to male values symbolically affirm male superiority.
16. I affirm I can like it.
17. We should affirm Wang Jipei's achievements on collation.
18. WE AFFIRM that Scripture in its entirety is inerrant, being free from all falsehood, fraud, or deceit.
19. We also proved the chemotaxis has no affirm correlation with the metabolism.
20. I affirm this thing over and over, but finally they wrong.
21. I dare affirm that the tomato will be very expensive.
22. This report is positively denied in official circles, who affirm that nothing of the kind occurred , but that the story is made out of whole cloth.
23. I think that only a small minority of quantum physicists would affirm such a view.
24. The only meaning of predicating a quality at all, is to affirm a resemblance.
25. Wise societies provide ample means for young men to affirm themselves without afflicting others.
26. The descriptions, far from gesturing to an external or subjective reality, merely affirm their own status as verbally constructed artefacts.
27. So relative truth is necessary to convey the meaning of absolute Truth which we affirm in faith.
28. Within the couplets that we have examined here, we can affirm, the relationship of the two lines is its unpredictable.
29. If art"s works have two conditions, it is really art"s works of the frankness and the unruliness, they would great, affirm and praise.
30. The theory of patent rights abusing was originated from America, and can be traceable from the later 19th. The attitude to the theory at first was disaffirm, then affirm, and now restrict.
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