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Squander in a sentence

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Synonym: dissipatelavishmisspendthrow awaywasteSimilar words: squaresquadquantumquandaryquantifyquantitysquare upequanimityMeaning: ['skwɑndə(r) /'skwɒn-]  v. 1. spend thoughtlessly; throw away 2. spend extravagantly. 
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1. Do you love life ? Then do not squander time ; for that's the stuff5 life is made of . 
2. Hooker didn't squander his money on flashy cars or other vices.
3. They'll quite happily squander a whole year's savings on two weeks in the sun.
4. Do you love life?Then do not squander time;for that's the stuff life is made of.
5. Don't squander your affection on him he'll never love you.
6. We don't want to squander that through lax cost control, irresponsible pay increases and things like that.
7. Would even a hidden master squander a whole planet simply to test one individual?
8. That lot only know how to squander what other men have earned.
9. I must admit I liked her; she won't squander her grandfather's money, that's for sure.
10. There is no time to squander your charms on men who are professional flirts.
11. Besides, they are in no position to squander a little favorable scheduling.
12. He had to squander our precious money on a box of tin junk.
13. Here's £50 but don't just go and squander it on beer!
14. It does not make sense to squander important resources that the nation can ill afford to lose.
15. Southwood proceeded to squander a number of chances and Sandrock were indebted to the brave Gardner in goal.
16. The Profitboss doesn't squander precious time writing and reading lengthy job descriptions.
17. You think I would squander her money?
18. He said she used to squander the money.
19. If we squander our fossil fuels,[] we threaten civilization.
20. Don't squander the gold of your days.
21. Don't squander your time in reading those dime novels.
22. Brothers, let us squander our morning in futile songs.
23. To spend or expend intemperately or wastefully; squander.
24. All kids have tremendous talent, and we squander them.
25. Don't squander your disposable income on a disposable car.
26. I don't want to make bequests to some one who might squander them.
27. Movements and posture used daily when doing different jobs or in different occupations can save or squander energy.
28. Most businesses, especially small businesses, can not afford to squander vast sums of money on such refined legalistic nit-picking.
29. Perhaps they have no time available nor money to squander on what they consider to be point less pursuits.
30. Later I learned that in addition to a cuddling stand-in Bolt uses a warmup boy so that he doesn't have to squander precious minutes on foreplay.
More similar words: squaresquadquantumquandaryquantifyquantitysquare upequanimityin quantityunderwandertenderslanderrendersendergenderponderhinderunder wayfounderthundercommanderoffenderplunderunderwayundergounderliereminderundercutengender
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