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Wondrous in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2017-02-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: fantasticgrandhowlingmarvellousmarvellouslymarvelousmarvelouslyrattlingsuperblyterrificterrificallytoppinglytremendouswonderfulwonderfullywondrouslySimilar words: chondrogenesisround and roundponderouswondersyndromewonderfuldendrologyphilodendronMeaning: ['wʌndrəs]  adj. extraordinarily good; used especially as intensifiers. adv. (used as an intensifier) extremely well. 
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1. Our new improved face cream has wondrous effects on tired-looking skin.
2. It was a wondrous thing to see the sea for the first time.
3. We were driven across this wondrous vast land of lakes and forests.
4. Both Clinton and Reagan showed their wondrous can-do spirit from the start.
5. Suddenly, he held up a wondrous ring upon his finger, and vanished from sight.
6. He saw himself proudly standing in that wondrous car, his hands triumphantly guiding those steeds which Jove himself could not master.
7. Talk about a wondrous stroll down one whacked-out memory lane.
7. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
8. It is full to the brim of a wondrous liquid, which will bring abundance into your life.
9. Stalactites and stalagmites in wondrous formations diminish the sense of bare rock walls.
10. Such was the wondrous power of this disdainful young man.
11. After hoisting aboard the almost wondrous performance of the aircraft probably the most important single element to master was asymmetric flying.
12. Far more wondrous than the wonders of the world are wonders of the human body. . . The eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, the hands, the head and the heart. RVM 
13. A wondrous city, its high towers resembling the Jukeboxes of the Gods.
14. " Wondrous strength arid generosity of a woman's heart!
15. For who could reject such wondrous magnificence?
16. She spun webs more wondrous anyone had ever seen.
17. A wondrous working model already operates: the human mind.
18. Blessed be its wondrous reality.
19. How soul - bewitching is His wondrous form!
20. For You are great and do wondrous deeds; You alone are God.
21. For thou art great, and doest wondrous things: thou art God alone.
22. This new multimedia thingamajig allows you to discover things on your own through the wondrous use of the hypermedia approach to education.
23. Lay himself deserves much of the credit for awakening geophysicists to this wondrous terrain half way to the center of the earth.
24. And in his mind there was firmly sown, A lovely and a wondrous dream.
25. His amazement can be imagined when there appeared be-fore him the wondrous forms of the three great goddesses.
26. Turning her histrionics down gives us a chance to watch the many wondrous things she can do well.
27. The versatility of the space is increased and the quality of its output is supposed to be wondrous.
28. There was a sudden hush, and then a low, wondrous moan rippled through the crowd.
29. In inventing the post-Frisco San Francisco, Caen conjured a wondrous world populated by mythic creatures, human and nonhuman.
30. Nothing seemed impossible; the whole of biology was about to become transparent to this wondrous new science.
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