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Ponderous in a sentence

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Synonym: bulkyclumsycumbersomeheavymassiveunwieldyweightySimilar words: ponderrespondentcorrespondentonerouswonderfulnumerousgenerousdangerousMeaning: ['pɑndərəs /'pɒn-]  adj. 1. slow and laborious because of weight 2. having great mass and weight and unwieldiness 3. labored and dull. 
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1. He had a dense, ponderous style.
2. He had a rather slow and ponderous manner.
3. She watched the cow's ponderous progress.
4. The system, though ponderous, works.
5. The fat woman's movements were ponderous.
6. He spoke in a slow ponderous voice.
7. His steps were heavy and ponderous.
8. The ponderous reporting style makes the evening news dull viewing.
9. He was rather slow, rather ponderous.
10. Holyfield had a considerable advantage over his ponderous opponent.
11. It seemed like such a ponderous and old-fashioned choice.
12. Robert followed him, ponderous and thoughtful, his white tie limp from over-handling.
13. The old lady's footsteps could be heard, ponderous and threatening, on the front steps.
14. He was a little ponderous, but it was thick strong muscle which made him so.
15. His films are ponderous, occasionally dull, always intriguing and kind of great.
16. None the less, the ponderous inspection machinery clanked into action.
17. Bobby sighed and turned to the chairman but he was in earnest conversation with a ponderous constable.
18. Once a few have been mastered it is surprising how quickly the most ponderous sounding scientific name acquires a familiar ring.
19. As Pizarro,( Denis Quilley is suitably grizzled but the character's ponderous despair seems to have submerged his generalship.
20. For all these reasons, the unexpected visit of the clergyman was passed on with ponderous confidentiality.
21. Nixon devoted his two decades on the sidelines to rehabilitating his professional reputation with ponderous books and interviews about foreign policy.
22. Woolley released three loud chords, and started on a ponderous version of the Sailors' Horn pipe.
23. Melanie and Aunt Margaret sat in complete silence but for the ponderous ticking of the cuckoo clock and its regular two note interjections.
24. Inquiry is a serious matter and should be done boldly, whether applied to innovation or ponderous theoretical matter.
25. The Shadow rides superbly too, soft and silken, smothering the road surface but without feeling ponderous.
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26. Cranston pulled at the bell and they were allowed through a wicket gate built into the ponderous door.
27. The only other downside I noticed was that the car tended to be a little ponderous in lower gears around town.
28. She is like a mechanical musical doll that will perform a ponderous dance when some one turns the dial.
29. Ellet had been first on the scene, and that gave him a considerable advantage over his ponderous rival.
30. You could feel the spirit of Roy Peck there in that big old white frame house with the ponderous cottonwoods in front.
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