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Hackneyed in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-03-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: banalcommonplaceold-hatshopwornstockthreadbaretimeworntiredtritewell-wornSimilar words: sicknessthicknesseye diseasehomesicknesshackleskeep an eye onramshackleacknowledgeMeaning: ['hæglə(r)]  adj. repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse. 
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(1) The plot of the film is just a hackneyed boy-meets-girl scenario.
(2) I worried it was hackneyed, an embarrassment.
(3) Politicians tend to repeat the same hackneyed expressions over and over again.
(4) Is there any point in returning to these hackneyed images of the heroic Far West?
(5) This may sound hackneyed, but he really did treat the bar girls as ladies.
(6) This features the most hackneyed sections of the soundtrack of Casablanca.
(7) The hackneyed phrase came unintended to his lips.
(8) This article is rather hackneyed.
(9) It is a mere hackneyed tune being played anew.
(10) It is a hackneyed expression.
(11) To use the hackneyed phrase(, here he found himself.
(12) Noone would like to accepts the hackneyed idea.
(13) The hackneyed theory governed that time.
(14) Things we learn at school are always hackneyed.
(15) His message was a hackneyed and grasping exposition of those fears.
(16) On Valentine 's Day, chocolate and roses are hackneyed presents for girls.
(17) The singular storyline puts a twist on a hackneyed subject, providing fresh and provocative entertainment.
(18) The traditional, but somewhat hackneyed approach is to turn the weakenss into strength.
(19) Properly used, and not hackneyed, the words are good and appropriate.
(20) The singular storyline puts a twist on hackneyed subject, providing fresh and provocative entertainment.
(21) Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts. That's the old hackneyed phrase, but it's true.
(22) So what if her first original words in months were the most hackneyed.
(23) But this kind of excited appreciation of naturalism in characterisation was not yet hackneyed.
(24) All those slogans we used to chant sound so hackneyed now.
(25) He asserted that a modern artist should be in tune with his times, careful to avoid hackneyed subjects.
(26) She was discovering that there was truth in one of showbusiness's most hackneyed old sayings: Fame costs.
(27) Or maybe we will criticize it for being boring or hackneyed.
(28) His speech seems to have no original ideas, furthermore it's full of hackneyed and stereotyped expressions.
(29) Too often used or too well known to be effective; hackneyed.
(30) I have seen a gipsy vagabond; she has practised in hackneyed fashion the science of palmistry and told me what such people usually tell.
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