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Fighter in a sentence

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Synonym: attack aircraftbattlerbelligerentchampioncombatantfighter aircraftheropaladinscrapperSimilar words: tightenstraightendaughterfight againsthighlightnightlightmightMeaning: ['faɪtə(r)] n. 1. someone who fights (or is fighting) 2. a high-speed military or naval airplane designed to destroy enemy aircraft in the air 3. someone who fights for a cause. 
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1. Our fighter planes were readied for battle.
2. The fighter feinted with his right hand and struck with his left.
3. A brave fighter never shrinks from danger in executing an assignment.
4. Bomber planes were sent out with fighter escorts.
5. The fighter could not help flinching from the blow aimed by his opponent,but it saved him from being hurt.
6. Fighter planes are being sent to enforce the UN no-fly zone.
7. He was a game fighter even when he was losing.
8. It's often said that one person's freedom fighter is another person's terrorist.
9. Five leading fighter pilots have been captured and paraded before the media.
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10. You'd be lucky to shoot a fighter down with a light machine gun.
11. Douglas was a 29-year-old journeyman fighter, erratic in his previous fights.
12. The fighter neatly fenced off a dangerous blow.
13. Fighter planes inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.
14. The fighter accepted money to keep himself back from winning the fight.
15. He has a fearsome reputation as a fighter.
16. Once again we came under attack from enemy fighter planes.
17. American fighter planes buzzed the city.
18. He climbed into the cockpit of the fighter.
19. The blow doubled the fighter over.
20. Fighter pilots searched out and attacked enemy aircraft.
21. After a few minutes, the young fighter planted a blow on his opponent's chin that seemed to hurt him.
22. The fighter believes he can still regain some of his old magic.
23. The film stars Mark Burgess-Ashton as the gung-ho young fighter pilot.
24. He gave a vivid account of his life as a fighter pilot.
25. The promoter matched the young boxer with a more skillful fighter.
26. A coward considers difficulties as a heavy burden on his back,but a valiant fighter turns difficulties into a stepping-stone for his advance.
27. It was a black day for the aircraft workers when the government announced it was canceling its contract for a new fighter.
28. The government has now taken delivery of the new fighter planes.
29. They won a contract for the delivery of five fighter planes.
30. From the start it was clear this tiny girl was a real fighter.
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