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Venerate in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-02-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: fearreverereverenceSimilar words: venerationgeneratedegeneratevenerablegenerationgeneration gapexoneratelost generationMeaning: ['venəreɪt]  v. regard with feelings of respect and reverence; consider hallowed or exalted or be in awe of. 
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1 My father venerated General Eisenhower.
2 Robert Burns is Scotland's most venerated poet.
3 These children are venerated as holy beings.
4 The monk was subsequently venerated as a saint.
5 Most Italians venerate the name of Dante.
6 In most countries old people are venerated.
7 Jerusalem is Christianity's most venerated place.
8 In museum culture the original physical artefact is venerated at the expense of a replica, duplicate, reconstruction,[] or hologram.
9 The affair was venerated by later revolutionaries as the opening round in their battle against the autocracy.
10 My sister and I continue to be venerated by our people, who built shrines and declared national holidays in our honor.
11 I venerate the memory of my grandfather(Horace Walpole.
12 And love, young men, and venerate the ideal.
13 They venerate the old man's memory.
14 They came to venerate him as a symbolic figure.
15 People really love and venerate the Americans.
16 To crush fanaticism to venerate the infinite, such is the law.
17 Some venerate Kord , god of strength , or Pelor, god of the sun.
18 We were taught to venerate the glorious example of our heroes and martyrs.
19 Ataturk died in 1938(, but he still is widely venerated.
20 Mr Ellsworth is... a Man much respected for his integrity, and venerated for his abilities.
21 Ataturk died in 1938, but he is still widely venerated in Turkey.
22 Three other officials of the Old Kingdom came to be venerated as gods because they had been wise, good and successful.
23 The idea of a place for the dying, so close to a venerated Hindu shrine, upset the temple priests.
24 Mary came to Alexandria in the hope of earning her fare to Jerusalem, where she wished to venerate the true Cross.
25 Secondly, why has a similar process not occurred in the case of other venerated images?
26 The saintly Vicar of Keyingham, Philip of Beverley, who did much for local clergy, was venerated as a saint.
27 She has appeared with messages and prophesies and is venerated throughout the world.
28 Much is known about Bath, where the hot springs were almost certainly venerated in the pre-Roman Iron Age.
29 Tis the season of the dead: from Halloween to All Saint's Day, when traditionally Christian societies venerate those who have passed on.
30 The good thing is he is the kind of person I respect or more specifically, venerate.
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