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Mantle in a sentence

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Synonym: cloakcoatcoverrobewrapSimilar words: pointlessgentlenessgallantlyinstantlyconstantlyindignantlyimportantlyreluctantlyMeaning: ['mæntl]  n. 1. the cloak as a symbol of authority 2. United States baseball player (1931-1997) 3. the layer of the earth between the crust and the core 4. anything that covers 5. (zoology) a protective layer of epidermis in mollusks or brachiopods that secretes a substance forming the shell 6. shelf that projects from wall above fireplace 7. hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window) 8. a sleeveless garment like a cloak but shorter. v. 1. spread over a surface, like a mantle 2. cover like a mantle. 
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1. One's mantle falls on somebody.
2. She unsuccessfully attempted to assume the mantle of presidency.
3. She will soon inherit her father's mantle.
4. The vice-president must now take on the mantle of supreme power.
5. The earth has a core and a mantle around it.
6. A mantle of snow lay on the trees.
7. A thick mantle of snow lay on the ground.
8. The earth bore a thick green mantle of vegetation.
9. He has been asked to take on the mantle of managing director in the New York office.
10. We watched the building vanish under a mantle of thick grey smoke as the fire swiftly moved through it.
11. The parks and squares looked grim under a mantle of soot and ash.
12. He lit the gas mantle and light beamed.
13. Who will wear the lower-tax mantle in the election?
14. Charles took on Diana's mantle speaking on terminal illness, while she prepared to tread the world stage.
15. Above that a heavy mantle is wrapped all round the body and brought over the head.
16. The mantle was fastened by a series of wooden and bone pins.
17. The latest flushing models of mantle convection have shed new light on what may keep the supercontinents dancing.
17. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
18. The box and her mantle fell unheeded to the floor.
19. Glasgow has broadened its appeal since taking on the mantle of European City of Culture in 1990.
20. It is up to Europe to take on the mantle of leadership in environmental issues.
21. Mabel Boll was exactly the kind of person upon whom Guest was determined the mantle of fame would not fall.
22. Scientists and administrators bickered over whether this should be a continuing program in ocean-bottom drilling or a one-shot drive to the mantle.
23. Only then comes the point where the crust finally ends and the mantle rock begins.
24. This proposed that mid-oceanic ridges represent regions where new oceanic crust is being generated by the upwelling of hot mantle material.
25. Chatri Sophonpanich, the second son, has now assumed his father's mantle.
26. Radiogenic studies indicate that there have been metasomatic enrichment events of comparable antiquity in the mantle.
27. What would happen if this man were to assume the mantle of the most powerful person on earth?
28. When this landmass begins to warm up that section of the mantle, the cycle begins anew.
29. The problem with all these calculations is they assume a homogenous chemical mantle.
30. Comparison of their chemistry with that of magmas erupted on oceanic islands demonstrates the plumes differ chemically from the upper mantle.
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