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Aristocracy in a sentence

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Sentence count:98Posted:2017-02-14Updated:2017-02-14
Synonym: gentrynobilitySimilar words: aristocratautocracymeritocracytheocracydemocracyautocraticbureaucracycharacteristicMeaning: [‚ærɪ'stɒkrəsɪ]  n. 1. a privileged class holding hereditary titles 2. the most powerful members of a society. 
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1 He married into the French aristocracy.
2 She married into the aristocracy.
3 He was popular with the aristocracy but failed to win the support of the masses.
4 With nothing to do all day the aristocracy had grown effete and lazy.
5 The personal loyalties of the aristocracy were torn.
6 They bought their way into the landed aristocracy.
7 A millionaires' row for the aristocracy, film stars and the kings of international business empires.
8 A favourite haunt of telly aristocracy is Ilha de Caras-the Island of Faces-a private isle for celebrities.
9 Her people belonged to the old aristocracy of New York.
10 He cultivated members of the aristocracy and sprinkled them among his company boards to impress potential investors.
11 The badge confers, if not the touch of aristocracy it used to bring, at least a sense of class.
12 Parliament remained dominated by the aristocracy and by the landed gentry.
13 We just have to hope your aristocracy don't read the Daily Express.
14 Her latest novel paints a very vivid portrait of the aristocracy in the 1920s.
15 He dresses conservatively-black shoes and all-the only hint at aristocracy being a tiny monogram on the shirt pocket.
16 The traditional governing class with deep roots in the landed aristocracy was gradually displaced as the Third Reich consolidated its position.
17 In the fifth century the popes embarked, in alliance with the local aristocracy[], on a programme of urban renewal.
18 Among the smaller northern peoples there was no tribal aristocracy, chiefs only being chosen temporarily for specific purposes such as war.
19 Ruling over these penniless black workpeople was a society of cultivated, well-mannered whites, a powerful colonial aristocracy.
20 This pegged and tapered generation have learned from punk, will never repeat the glaring abuses of an earlier rock aristocracy.
21 The nation's elite sends its children to boarding schools in the tradition of the British aristocracy.
22 Parallel with this style ran the cultural and financial activities of Britain's new pop aristocracy.
23 The law of affinity, as defined by the popes, most obviously affected the political marriage-makers, the aristocracy.
24 Daughters of rich merchants would often marry into the aristocracy.
25 Not even his own had been immune: Peter Wildeblood, members of the aristocracy, people within the most ancient university.
26 William Mackworth added his wife's surname to his own, and they assumed their place in the foothills of county aristocracy.
27 Immigrants who made money often tried to slim down to appear to be longtime members of the aristocracy.
28 It would be headed by the Monarch, followed by the Lord Mayor of London,( the aristocracy and church leaders.
29 The King appointed them to high offices of state, which the aristocracy and landed gentry considered to be their prerogative.
30 They expressed the triumph of legal equality and state authority over the privileges of the landed aristocracy.
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